Polo Lacoste

Polo Lacoste was conceived and created long ago. So long ago that other companies had a thousand times the opportunity to create their own alternative to the well-known model. But Renee Lacoste was the first and to this day remains an unchanging authority in the market of clothes for life and "intelligent sports".

How to distinguish Lacoste polo?

Demand dictates the offer, and the number of replicas and fake popular models today reaches colossal scales. There are products of very low quality, the purchase price of which in the Chinese market is hardly a dollar. There are more expensive - there is picked up a more robust fabric, carefully made embroidery and so on. The difference between the original Lacoste polo can be noted after a few washings: the fakes are quickly washed out, the color saturation is lost, the fabric keeps the shape worse. In order to bring it to its original form it is necessary to work with an iron and steamer.

The logo of the original Lacoste polo does not have to be green - it can vary depending on the collection. In the Short Sleeve Garment Washed Oversized Croc Pique Polo, for example, the logo is made in a completely different style and much larger in size than usual. In the collection of the Club, the crocodile is also different, more reminiscent of the first sketch. So when choosing Lacoste polo, pay more attention to the quality of tailoring than to the nuances of the model.


Variants of female Lacoste polos are completely different, despite the presence of all the recognizable characteristic collar. Some are purely sporting, others are more strict:

  1. Classic polo on buttons . It is fastened to the very throat. Produced from cotton with a small amount of elastane.
  2. Model without buttons . Has a neat, miniature collar. A beautiful version of the white top with a black and white dress code . In moderation strictly, moderately informally. Can be made of cotton or viscose, contain in the composition of wool, modal or cashmere.
  3. Polo blouse . Lightweight, flowing fabric gives the model a noble and intelligent appearance. The collar in such models, however, is normal, knitted. Material: viscose, silk.
  4. Polo with V-neck . Option for lovers of decollete. It looks informally, style - casual. Fabrics combined.

All Lacoste polo shirts are presented in 4 sleeve lengths:

For a hot season, the real gown will be the Lacoste polo dress. Absolutely informal, from natural materials, it will help out at any time if you need to go shopping, meet friends, go to the sea or go for a walk with a dog.