Plaster "wet silk"

This kind of plaster was invented with the aim of simulating a natural silk fabric. After all, it is not always possible to drape walls with natural materials, and plaster is realistic to replace expensive repairs, creating the illusion of tender silk fabric.

Features of the plaster "wet silk"

Decorative textured plaster "wet silk" has an incomparably beautiful visual effect. The walls, decorated with its help, resemble the interior of the palace apartments. The illusion of flowing fabric creates a feeling of luxury and coziness, adding to every room refinement and uniqueness. When choosing the right light, the room just lights up with the magic and play of light.

The texture of the plaster under wet silk includes fibers that mimic the material: cellulose, polyester, natural and artificial colored fibers. As the connecting link are acrylic additives.

Luxurious appearance of plaster due to the fibers, while the larger they are, the more realistic the finish becomes. When you add the same shiny elements, the walls begin to sparkle when they hit the sunlight.

Plaster with the effect of wet silk can be used in any style and destination of rooms, up to the strict cabinets and official institutions. When choosing plaster with these or other additives, you can make surfaces with pearlescent shine or velvet effect.

Advantages of plaster "wet silk"

On sale is plaster to obtain a golden or silver surface, and there are also mixtures and the addition of a powder that makes the coating "chameleon". Among the advantages of decorative plaster under wet silk: