New Year in Russia - traditions

New Year in Russia for many people is one of the main celebrations, and the tradition of its celebration is an integral part of the life of every child and adult. Each of us associates this event with the smell of mandarins, the decoration of the Christmas tree, children's laughter, the crunch of snow underfoot, fireworks and a richly decorated table. But only a few think about why the traditions of the New Year's meeting are such an essential vital element for everyone.

Russian New Year - traditions

For more than 300 years, the Russian people have celebrated this triumph. During this time, a huge number of European, American and Soviet traditions became part of the celebration of the modern New Year. Today we can not imagine this event without its main symbols: Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. An old man with a white beard and his assistant from the snow have been attending various matinees and events since the beginning of December.

This couple is also awaited on the eve of the holiday itself in ordinary apartments, where the hosts, guests and relatives gathered at the round table. This event can be considered a family celebration, which is usually celebrated together with relatives.

How can you do without gifts for the New Year? Any of us take this issue very seriously. And almost all of December we are preparing to please our relatives with gifts, gifts, richly decorated table and a new selection of good jokes.

On the eve of the New Year, people remember the traditions and customs associated with the celebration. They also finish all their unfinished work, distribute debts, clean the house, prepare a festive dinner, in the menu of which must necessarily include a salad "olivier", and dress up a green beauty. In the evening, everyone is waiting for guests, watching old movies, opening champagne, listening to the speech of the head of state and the battle of chimes. Then there are loud congratulations and explosions of fireworks on the street. From this moment begins the fun, which will continue until the morning.

Russian traditions of celebrating the New Year are very rich and colorful. Therefore, it is always interesting for foreigners to visit this celebration and to see with their own eyes the broad soul of the people. After all, this holiday Russians celebrate like no other.