Manicure with soup

Manicure with bouillon is popular for more than one season. Small multicolored beads give the nails an unusual and original appearance. Such a decision in manicure can not go unnoticed, but necessarily emphasize the creativity of its owner. Today caviar design is easy enough to make a home with your own hands. However, manicure masters are capable of real masterpieces on the nails with the help of beautiful beads.

Caviar design

Choosing a manicure with broth, you should understand the difference of this design on the nails made at home and in the salon. It would seem that complex in the application of colored beads? However, the ease of such a manicure catches your eye only in theory. In practice, you can track very different results.

Varnish with bouillon . The easiest way to make yourself caviar manicure is to buy ready-made varnish with bouillon. However, be prepared for the fact that such a design does not differ in perfect accuracy and obvious shortcomings of nails and skin around are only emphasized. Nevertheless, having well-groomed hands, you have the opportunity to make a stylish unusual manicure, with a minimum of effort and cost.

Shellac with broth . Visiting the beauty salon, the manicurist will make you a fashionable shellac with bouillon. Such a design of nails can not be done at home, since special equipment and skills are required. Beads are laid out and fixed by means of a special gel and ultraviolet lamp. In this case, the nails are also covered with gel. Therefore, if you are not ready to grow your nails, then this design is not for you.

Manicure ideas with soup . Nail sticks can be used in manicure in different ways. Stylish, but at the same time simple enough beads look in a monophonic manicure, decorating one or two fingers. Distributing one broth over the whole nail, you will make a beautiful design with a slight effect of 3D. But the most beautiful is a manicure with a pattern from the broth, which can be done with experience and skill.