Make-up with red lipstick for brunettes

Dark shiny hair and bright scarlet lips are an ideal, even a classic combination, emphasizing self-confidence and sexuality. Makeup with red lipstick for brunettes can be performed in various variations, depending on its purpose (day or evening) and the personal characteristics of the woman. Doing it is easy, in addition, make-up takes a little time, if you choose the right shades and accents.

Daytime beautiful make-up with red lipstick for brunettes

In this case, the only bright spot in make-up is lips. The rest of the face should be painted neutral, preferably in a pastel range.

Everyday make-up with red lipstick for brown-haired and brunette suggests using the minimum number of shadows, eyeliner and rouge, as a rule, stylists recommend limiting themselves to black or graphite mascara . If you still want to slightly emphasize the eyes, it is better to gently decorate the eyelids with a black or dark brown pencil, slightly shading it, and beige or light brown shadows. Eyebrows should look natural, without strict lines and excessively saturated colors.

It is important to remember that red lipstick instantly draws attention to the face. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully disguise all the existing skin imperfections and maximize its tone.

Evening and holiday make-up with red lipstick for brunettes

For a smart dress, you can afford a make-up brighter, although in this situation you should be modest and careful not to displace the accents and look vulgar.

The ideal version of the evening make-up of eyes for red lipstick for brunettes is black arrows, as in Dita von Teese or Kim Kardashian. If you add to them a curvy and long eyelashes, you will get a perfect and finished classic image of the "female vamp".

Another way to emphasize the bright lips - the application of shadows in the technique of "Smokey Ice", only not in the standard black and gray scale, but in a more restrained palette. Beautiful make-up looks like using these shades:

Eyebrows can be made more clearly using a pencil or shadow.

As with daytime make-up, it is important to pay special attention to the skin condition in the evening. It should look perfect, have an even and natural tone. It is allowed to apply a small amount of blush on the cheekbones.