Loggia furniture - how to choose the most functional option?

Balconies have long ceased to be a place of accumulation of old things, with which the owners of the apartment are not yet ready to part. The furniture for the loggia is a great way to decorate the glazed space and turn it into an office , library or a place for gatherings with guests.

Loggia furniture - types

With the help of various details of the environment, it is really possible to modify the space of the glazed balcony, refitting it into a full room with its functions, albeit small ones. Furniture for the loggia can be the following elements of the interior:

  1. Built-in interior elements. They are used when it is possible to install cabinets without a back wall on the balcony, because its role will be played by a bearing wall. This is a saving of space that will be unavailable if there is no fencing part between the loggia and the main room.
  2. Cabinet furniture. Cabinets for loggias and balconies of this type have independent walls and a bottom, therefore they can be freely transferred.
  3. Cushioned furniture. Those options that are suitable for a small room will also have compact dimensions.
  4. Wicker interior details. Armchairs and tables of rattan will create a cozy atmosphere and can be moved if necessary.

Built-in furniture on the loggia

Suspension and mounting on the mounts weighs little and can be modified at the request of the owner of the apartment. In addition to ready-made options from furniture stores, the built-in wardrobe on the loggia or bedside table can be independently designed and ordered in the shop. Such furniture has several advantages:

  1. Casing elements can fit even on two or three square meters and turn them into a full living space.
  2. Refusal of the stationary walls and the bottom allows you to make the most of every free centimeter.
  3. In the built-in closet you can store things that are not often used in everyday life.
  4. Furniture for a loggia can play the role of a wardrobe during the day, and at night it can turn into a bed.

Upholstered furniture for loggias

The choice of armchairs or a sofa for such a limited space is not easy. Here you need to consider the size of the balcony and the degree of its glazing. There are recommendations from design experts to ease the difficulties of buying:

  1. Sofas for a balcony and a loggia are not always advisable: if this part of the apartment is partially open, then in late autumn and early winter they will become wet and come to disrepair.
  2. It is better to replace a full bed with an armchair with a folding mechanism. The same function can perform a sofa-transformer.
  3. Preference should be given to private craftsmen working on an individual order, because large manufacturers often produce goods with standard dimensions.

Rattan furniture on the loggia

Fans of country romance and country-style relaxed style will appreciate the wicker furniture, which is easy to use in this part of the apartment. Such an interior will remind you of the classic arrangement of the veranda or gazebo. Interior items from rattan have such advantages as:

  1. Practicality in care. The table for the loggia, like chairs, can be wiped with a flannel napkin or cleaned with soap foam.
  2. Long-term operation. ROTANG is not afraid of high humidity and temperature extremes, furniture does not fail with small impacts.
  3. Versatility in combination. The furniture for the loggia from wicker materials is well combined with natural wood, textiles, colored glass.

Furniture for a loggia - design

The glazed balcony can be compared to the arrangement with a small terrace, so you can use the elements of styles designed for it. Country, Provence, Classic, Ecostyle or Scandinavian - win-win design options. Any of them assumes that at least one of the furniture will be included in the furniture set:

Sofa for the loggia

On a spacious loggia you can put a sofa, for which there is no place in the rest of the apartment. It is clear that it will differ in size from standard models, so it can be made to order or make independently. Choose among the following options:

  1. Ottoman, made on the basis of the frame from the old sofa. It can be put a mattress or a thick blanket in two layers - you get a seat that will replace the full sofa.
  2. The corner model is the easiest way to buy a small sofa on a loggia that does not occupy half of the space and will enable you to functionally place other items.
  3. Sofa bed is suitable for a loggia, on which you can turn: a one-room apartment can be divided in this way into the sleeping and guest areas.

Design of a loggia - cabinets

If the shelves do not fit into the chosen interior, then the cabinet should be built-in or have a coupe format. Any of the selected options experts advise to decorate in the prevailing indoor color scheme: so the interior will visually appear smaller. Closet-compartment on the loggia should be decorated with mirror doors, which give space of volume.

Table for the loggia

There are only two options for tables that are optimally suited for operation in a glassed-in loggia: rattan models and folding. The first is easy to move if necessary, because it weighs little, and the second option is a folding table on the loggia, fixed on one of the walls. It does not take up much space, because in folded form it looks like a thin board pressed against the wall. The folding table has the following features:

Armchair on the loggia

If the chair replaces the bed, then its mechanism should be ergonomic and reliable, designed for frequent loading: a competent choice will ensure trouble-free operation in the future. Considering the potential "candidate" for a chair-bed on a loggia, it is worth considering four aspects:

  1. The mechanism of transformation. In the folding armchair there is no box for linen and the sleeping place is hidden under the seat. The drawout model is equipped with small rollers, facilitating the preparation of the bed before going to bed, and also a box for laundry.
  2. Frame. Such furniture for a loggia, like a chair-bed, should have a solid foundation - not of wood, but of metal.
  3. Filler. If the design of the chair-bed does not provide an orthopedic mattress in advance, foam with a spring block is suitable.
  4. Upholstery. Sheathing of the carcass should be hypoallergenic and pleasant to the touch. The longest-lasting options are flock and eco leather.

Computer table on the loggia

This room can be turned into a mini-office, installing instead of a regular computer desk. Due to the fact that you have to deal with the problem of limited space, you can select it by following these rules:

  1. The table for the loggia should be corner, because it really takes up little space and it does not have rear walls, which makes it easier to connect to sockets.
  2. On it it is necessary to install an add-on, so that each of the computer devices is in a specially allocated place.
  3. A good table will have rounded corners, because only they will reduce the traumatic danger on the loggia.