Lipstick Color for Blondes

Blonde women need to choose cosmetics not only in accordance with the tint of curls and skin, but also the eyes, so that it looks harmonious and naturally emphasizes their beauty. Therefore, to choose the right color for lipstick blondes is not such a simple task. Moreover, professional stylists almost do not limit the range of acceptable shades, under strict prohibition only violet tone and its varieties.

What color of lipstick is suitable for blondes with green eyes?

Bright emerald, light green, grassy or dark-marsh irises are well combined with warm shades of lipstick. Make-up artists advise green-eyed blondes the following colors for the lips:

The more intense the tone of the eyes, the less bright the lipstick should be. This will help create one accent in makeup.

Lipstick color for blondes with blue eyes

Iris sky or light blue color in combination with blond curls looks great, so when choosing a lipstick, it is important not to outshine this classic tandem. The best color options are:

It is better to leave dark shades for evening make-up, and in the afternoon to paint lips neutral or simply to make out translucent shine.

Suitable color of lipstick for blondes with brown eyes

Dark irises are significantly distinguished by themselves, and with eyelids and eyelashes made up are already the main focus of makeup. Therefore brown-eyed blondes should give preference to light and nude shades of lipstick, for example:

In the evening, you can paint your lips a little brighter, but do not over-emphasize them.

Best color of lipstick for blondes with gray eyes

The considered shade of the iris is not striking and deprives women of proper attention. Therefore, in this case, stylists advise to focus on the lips with the help of lipsticks of such colors:

In the afternoon it is advisable to prefer nude shades, and in the evening to apply a bright saturated tone.