Collar jabot - 32 photos of beautiful and stylish images for every taste

The collar of jabot came from the past, it was a detail of a man's suit. Over time, the fair sex also began to use it to decorate their clothes. It is presented in the form of flounces of different lengths and located in the neck area in the anterior part.

What does the frog collar look like?

Initially, the collar of the frill, consisting of several layers of flounces, decorated only blouses, but in recent seasons, many women's wardrobe items contain this detail. It can be conditionally divided into such varieties:

Collar jabot - history

For the first time, the frill collars appeared as an attribute of a man's suit in the 17th century, the French adorned them with beautiful white shirts. Later he was seen wearing clothes in Spain, and only in the mid-19th century began to be used in a women's wardrobe. Beauties used such decoration in ball gowns. The jabot translates as a bird's struma, and is presented in the form of a ruffle made of lace or beautifully gathered fabric on a dress, shirt or blouse . Such a decoration is capable of giving modern, alongside aristocracy and elegance.

Fashionable collar of frill

With the right selection of a stylish collar, the jabot is able to set the tone all along. Shuttlecocks are capable of giving the image a romantic and light feel. All varieties of this decorative element harmoniously fit into the clothes, and can become an attribute of both everyday and festive attire.

Collar stand jabot

in office clothing is often used white collar jabot, combined with the shape of the "rack". If desired, it can be applied to the evening room. Among the distinguishing characteristics of such a model can be listed the following:

Lapel collar with lace

A special femininity and romantic character can be given to the lace collar of the frill. It can differ in the following characteristics:

Removable Frog Collars

In recent seasons, removable collars of frogs have become fashionable, they have become a kind of adornment to the apart. Their undoubted advantage is the ability to remove it at any time and transform the image. There are such variations of their design:

Vintage collar of frill

Many eminent couturiers use a beautiful jabot collar in their collections. At the same time, they prefer vintage design peculiar to the time when this accessory was only created. It is possible to note such popular variations of products:

Collar jabot - how to wear?

A spectacular decorative element of a jabot collar in women's clothing can be combined with other wardrobe items with the help of such design techniques:

Blouse with collar frill

An extremely stylish thing that is suitable for women of any age, is a women's blouse with a jabot collar. It perfectly fits both in a romantic and in a business image. Among the distinctive characteristics of such a product can be listed the following:

Dress with a jabot collar

Incredibly spectacular and original look dresses with a collar of frill. You can note their distinctive features:

  1. They should be chosen, given the features of the figure and growth. Such dresses are ideal for tall lean girls, they will help to give the volume of the breast and make it more magnificent. For chubby young ladies, this version of the dress will not be appropriate.
  2. The collar stylish jabot can be embellished with a brooch or other decorative elements.
  3. The dress can have a length up to the knee or in the floor, preference is given to monochromatic models. There are also options in the cage , supplemented with white or some other monophonic collar.
  4. Such dresses can be sleeveless, have a three-quarter sleeve or a long sleeve.

Coat with a jabot collar

Truly unsurpassed looks such outerwear as a woman's coat with a collar of frill. It features such features: