Kate Moss jumped out of the cake and sang on the birthday of Mert Alas

Maitre photos Mert Alas, who recently celebrated his 47th birthday, will remember this birthday forever. Kate Moss not only came to congratulate the fashion photographer with the name-days, and jumping out of the cake, she sang Happy Birthday for him.

Star guests

On Monday evening, the numerous friends of Mert Alas, who in a duet with Marcus Piggott, collaborates with fashion magazines, brands and works with celebrities, gathered at the Mayfair luxury nightclub in London to celebrate his birthday. Among the famous beauties who came to the party, were Natalia Vodyanova, Lindsay Lohan, Natasha Poli, Alice Dallal, Dautzen Cruz, Naomi Campbell, Lupita Niongo and others.

Mert Alas
Kate Moss and Mert Alas
Dautzen Krous
Mert Alas and Lindsay Lohan
Natalya Vodyanova
Alice Dellal

44-year-old Kate Moss, who is associated with many years of friendship with Murth, also came to personally congratulate him. On the top model, which was considerably built up by the monthly detox course, there was a tight-fitting midi dress, adorned with bright embroidery from sequins. Glamorous image was completed by open gold sandals with heels and clutch. She threw a fur over her shoulders.

Kate Moss at the birthday of photographer Murt Alas

Congratulations with the soul

At the climax of the evening, when it was time for the birthday cake, Moss imperceptibly went behind the scenes to prepare a standing surprise. The supermodel jumped out of the cake and sitting on the edge of a cardboard construction, performed the traditional Happy Birthday to you.

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For Alas, the skit from Kate was a complete surprise. Perhaps, her vocal data is not ideal, but for soulfulness and creativity, the audience has awarded the beginning singer a stormy applause and applause.

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