Interior and exterior

Since historical times, views and ideas about architectural structures have been important. The interior and exterior of the building showed how high a person is in society. Strictly speaking, even now, when there is no official division of people into classes, it is easy to calculate by building whether a person is rich or not.

The concept of interior and exterior

Interior - this is the interior and decoration of any room. And the exterior is the outer lining, i.e. appearance of the building as a whole. Any architect in the design of a future building considers the interior and exterior as a whole. This is done to ensure that the building outside and inside looked harmonious.

Exterior and interior of a country house

In our century, the design of exteriors and interiors is so diverse that just the head goes around. Here are a few examples.

Interior and exterior of the house in the style of country . It can be realized not only as a pseudo-Russian style, but also as Scandinavian and American. Now many architects and designers combine several directions in designing, so a modern house, decorated in country style, can eventually look like an American ranch, a French chalet or a Russian manor.

No less popular nowadays is the Art Nouveau style . Translated from French, it means modern. This is the most relaxed and creative style, but without flashy and vivid elements. The most common motifs that are used in modern style : wave, swan neck, flower composition, palm branch, female figure, fantastic and mythical animal.

Another common style of interior and exterior of country houses is Gothic . This style is unique, original, executed mainly in dark colors. For a small house this style will not work, but for a huge cottage - just right. The gothic style of decorating your home is chosen by people who love luxury and greatness.