Images of clothes

For those who want to pick up fashionable images of clothes for the coming season, one should not forget about its integrity, and therefore, pay attention not only to clothing, but also makeup, shoes, accessories and hair. Consider some of the most popular images for a modern woman.

Images of clothes for girls

One of the easiest images is the image of a "student", or preppy style . Here, light pastel colors predominate in combination with natural make-up. And that the face did not have a painful and gray appearance, you can apply blush, thereby emphasizing the tone of your face. For this image of the best hair, there will be hair gathered in a bun, or loose curls. Very stylishly it will look a colorful blouse and a skirt for a half-sun in a cage, and a small briefcase and glasses will help supplement this image.

In a classic way, the image of a "business lady" in which black, gray and blue colors, soft make-up and costume are relevant, can be considered in clothes. As in the first, and in the second case, it is better to choose a three-dimensional bag from accessories.

Modern pace

Stylish images in clothes appear with gray, marsh, black and khaki colors, which are observed in the image of "city military". To create a similar image, you can put on a jacket-park or a khaki jacket with gold buttons. Under the park, you can wear black straight jeans and boots with lacing. Jacket colors khaki can be combined with high heels and a short white skirt. As for accessories, namely bags, they can be either medium or large.

Among active youth, the street image is very popular. The main criterion is comfortable and practical clothes. For example, you can wear shabby shortened jeans, a sweater with a pattern on top of which is a khaki waistcoat. And to make the image complete, add a gray cap and half-boots on a low heel. The image is very relevant and interesting enough.

How to choose an image in clothes?

In fact, it is not so difficult, if you take care of all the details, namely, the particularity and structure of the figure, the color solution and the current trends. In order to create an image in clothes, it is not necessary to refer to stylists, as any woman can create for herself a unique image, focusing on those elements that need to be specially emphasized: femininity, severity, sexuality or romance.