How to name a puppy boy?

Of all animals, the dog is the most reliable and devoted person. She is always glad to see us. When we come home, our pet welcomes us, wagging his tail, and when we leave the house, sadly whines. Therefore, picking up a nickname for a puppy, we must remember that we choose a name for the best friend.

How to name a puppy?

Often we call favorites for the color of wool - Ryzhik, Chernysh, Snowball. Remember the nicknames of the dogs - astronauts: Gypsy, Ugolek, Desik, Veterok, Mishka, Brave? But it happens that we get lost and do not know how to name our puppy boy, especially when his dad and mom are eminent. If you like animated movies, you can name your pet the names of dogs from cartoons: Pif, Rex, Goofy, Tuzik, Tiffa, if the puppy is cheerful, Pluto, and clever, Pirate. Who does not know Bobik and Barbosa or Kobi, the mascot of the Barcelona Olympics.

When a puppy of a German shepherd appears in the house, and we do not know how to name it, the first name that comes to mind, of course, is Mukhtar. No less famous names are Scarlet, Sharik, Dzhulbars or Ajax, who saved dozens of schoolchildren from under the rubble of snow.

And, that's how to call a puppy a york boy, small, but loyal and faithful to you? Patient, stubborn with a hunting character, he will come up with the name Prince, Mickey, Romeo, Charlie, or Pixie, in honor of the Yorkshire terrier from the movie with the famous Stallone.

The nickname of our four-legged friend can be an adjective, for example, Affectionate, Brave, Brave or Faithful (Fido), the name of a dog who fourteen years went out to meet her master at a bus stop.

Lovers of poetry, literature and music call puppies, recalling poems, novels and even musical terms: Jim, Accord, Etude, Artemon, Bim, Hector, Pilot, Artoshka.

How to name a Husky puppy?

A beautiful, intelligent and enduring sled dog carries an image of the north. Therefore, the nicknames of the Huskies are most often northern. For example, Aquilon or Nord (northern wind), Iceberg, Buran. Shaman.

To the whole world is the famous name of Balt (Balto), a dog that saved from the epidemic a city in Alaska. For this exploit of the Husky two monuments are put. Indomitable spirit, faithfulness, cleverness, friendliness, traits characteristic of the future adult dog. Sometimes they are called just Husky. Some hosts give names: Kai, Klaus, Bars, Storm and others, the main thing though a little bit blowing the north wind.

How to name a chihuahua puppy?

You admire the beautiful little creature that you hold in your arms. You want the whole world to be delighted with him. It is better if the puppy has a nickname that reflects the nature and size of your pet. Although many masters give their dog names of famous mythical heroes. It is suitable for the nickname of the names of small beautiful flowers, for example the Buttercup or the enigmatic Adonis. Britney Spears called his favorite Beat Bit, Pamela Anderson Luke. And, the Hollywood star has Chihuahua name Muni.

How to name a puppy of a spaniel boy?

A perfect companion, kind and affectionate spaniel will suit the nicknames of famous dogs of this breed: Bob, Caesar. Major, Cupid, Socrates, Nick or Toby (from the book of Conan Doyle). Richard Nixon madly loved his Chikker, who brought him a lot of trouble, and actor Abdulov spaniel Kuzyu.

A puppy boy can be called with both the name of the idol and the country where you dream to visit. But it should be borne in mind that the nicknames of dogs similar to the names of people can drag you into an unpleasant story. This happens when the puppies have sound names that are similar to the commands.