How to determine the sex of the child on the stomach?

Although modern equipment makes it possible to determine the sex of the child in the tummy as early as 12 weeks, not all mummies trust this method, and sometimes even justifiably. After all, the behavior of the child on ultrasound is unpredictable - it can spin or cover a causal place, and the doctor will not consider the sex of the baby.

Some pregnant women, for various reasons (more often of a religious nature) neglect medical aid. This is due not only to obstetric care, but also to various necessary tests and examinations during pregnancy. Such women do not undergo ultrasound examination, which means they can only recognize the sex of the child in terms of the shape of the abdomen and the popular beliefs associated with the food preferences of the future mother.

How to determine the sex of the child in the stomach?

The future mummy is always curious who dwelled inside her. And this interest was always, and did not arise only recently because of the need to purchase a dowry of a particular color. At all times, since ancient times, women have known how to determine the sex of the child by the shape of the abdomen.

Closer to the third trimester, the tummy acquires a more distinct form and Mom, knowing how to determine the sex of the future child by the belly, looking in the mirror will already know who to expect. Although, this is best seen by others.

If a woman is expecting a boy, then she, oddly enough, does not lose her waist. That is, it can not be seen from the front, but you can not even notice that the woman is pregnant.

The second distinctive feature of the boys' moms is an acute tummy with a protruding belly button. It seems to be directed forward, that's why the sides sink and the waist is visible. In addition to his form, the tummy with the boy is located somewhat lower than with the girl.

On the mother's belly, you can determine the gender of the child, both boys and girls. In the case of the girl, my mother is much stout in the sides, the waist is spread out in breadth. The tummy with the girl is round or similar, but not sharp and high.

But, despite such obvious signs of presence in the tummy of a boy or girl, it is not always possible to diagnose this with a 100% probability. The fact is that the shape of the abdomen still depends on the location of the placenta.

If it is attached to the back or side wall, then the stomach is round, but if on the front - then more acute or even angular - like a boy. So in practice, the shape of the abdomen is not always an indicator of a particular sex.