How to cut a child?

Soon your baby will celebrate his first birthday and many parents are interested in the question - is it necessary to trim the child in a year and why is it, strictly speaking, necessary.

The roots of this tradition stretch back from pre-Christian Russia, when there were various pagan traditions that were adhered to at that time. Some, not justified, have survived to this day. So, the tradition of circumcision of hair in a year to a child who does not have any scientifically substantiated evidence.

Here, too, our mothers and grandmothers, faithfully believing that it was so, shaved us with you. And if God forbid, strands, are circumcised before the year, this is still considered a crime.

When you can cut a child - you ask. And then, when this becomes necessary. For example, a baby was born with a thick and long head of hair, and in six months the hair begins to creep into his eyes, or in the street heat and long hair give the child discomfort. Poor parents, tormented by superstitions, begin to pin hair with hairpins, tie with rubber, but such a child quickly removes from the head, and you have to repeat the process again.

Instead, you can simply cut off extra curls without shaving your head. And the baby will feel better, and the parents will not be tormented again with the hairdo, after all, caring for the hair of a young child is a problematic occupation.

Many mothers trust the haircut of a child to a professional - they lead to a hairdresser, having previously agreed with the master. After all, not everyone can master the hairdresser's art, but he wants the child to look neat and stylish.

But most of us still experiment, and not always the kid agrees that he was shearing a stranger and a stranger.

How can I cut my own child?

In order to cut the child, you need to negotiate with him. If the baby is 2 - 3 years old, he can be explained that his mother wants to make him beautiful. Plant it in front of a large mirror at the level of your eyes so that the child can observe the process. For this purpose the chair for feeding is perfectly suitable. Each mom can comment on her actions, in order to distract the attention of the child from the forced, unmoving sitting in one place. A good service, as a distracting maneuver, will serve as a cartoon view.

How to cut a child with a typewriter?

The simplest and quickest method of cutting for a boy is to cut with a special children's typewriter (preferably with ceramic blades), since adult devices pull children's hair no matter how well they are sharpened. This is due to the fact that the hair of the children is very thin, and in adult machines a large gap between the blades and a large distance between the teeth. Therefore, the hairs are not cut off, but simply clogged into the gap between the knives and twitch, and this leads to damage to the hair bulbs.

The easiest way to cut under one nozzle, then the hair everywhere will be the same length. Practice a haircut with a few tips to get different lengths of hair, you can when the child grows up and becomes more plodding.

In order for the first time to properly cut the child, you need to prepare properly. Be sure to involve relatives in this procedure, which will distract the baby's attention.

How to cut a child with scissors at home?

If your baby is afraid of haircuts, and hair has grown back already, you can try a simple and effective way. Together with a child's assistant, they are put in a bath, allegedly for bathing. Give him new interesting toys and gently cut off his hair, starting from the back of his head. Then they cut off the hair from the top of the head, temples, and cut the bangs.

When self-cutting a child with curly hair, do not forget that if you wet your hair before cutting, then when they dry, they will be 3-4 centimeters shorter than you wanted.