How many years can you kiss?

The first kiss for each person goes according to their scenario, with one of the different criteria being age. This is an exciting event that will remain in your memory for a long time. Many people are interested in how many years you can kiss to feel the full range of feelings. A huge number of people, according to the survey, remember all their lives with whom, when and under what circumstances the first romantic contact occurred.

How many years can you kiss on the lips?

According to statistics, such an event occurs during adolescence, about 12-16 years. As girls develop faster than boys, they kiss earlier, choosing for themselves more experienced partners. Many young girls, fearing condemnation and not wanting to lag behind their peers, decide on the first kiss and, in the opinion of psychologists, this is a serious mistake, because the event can leave a serious psychological trauma behind itself. The first kiss should be sincere.

It is impossible to say exactly how much you can kiss, because real feelings do not tolerate any restrictions and rules. That is why it is impossible to name the exact age, because each person has this event individually.

How many years can you kiss:

  1. The period of 4-6 years. Many first time they kissed while in the kindergarten. Interest can show both a boy and a girl. Adult people kiss children to show their love and warm relations, and as kids learn from adults, they likewise express sympathy for a friend in the kindergarten. People do not consider this serious and this memory is often forgotten.
  2. The period is 7-9 years. Romantic contact at this time is remembered much better. According to polls, he happens most often in schools or at any events, for example, the first discos. In this age period, there are first sympathies, which pushes children to kisses.
  3. The period of 10-12 years. At this time, there is already a physiological craving for members of the opposite sex. That is why a kiss already, not only serves as a manifestation of sympathy, but also allows you to experience pleasure. Few people at this age practice really adult kisses.
  4. 13 years. Understanding how many years you can kiss teenagers, this age should be singled out separately, because, according to statistics, it is at this time that many people have puberty. Kissing is one of the main opportunities to get bodily pleasure from contact with the opposite sex.
  5. The period of 14-16 years. At this time, adolescents are already practicing with great force with kisses, and not only with people who are sympathetic. This is explained solely by a physiological attraction.
  6. The period of 17-18 years. If it is interesting, how many years you can kiss with language, then this period is ideal for such a manifestation of feelings, because a person is already an adult and can independently answer for their actions. Despite the emancipation of modern youth can still be found people who did not kiss at this age.
  7. The period of 20-30 years. Such cases are extremely rare and psychologists are inclined to talk about the existence of certain deviations.

In a more conscious age, people before the meeting are going through and try to carefully prepare for the kiss. First, it is necessary to take care of fresh breath, and secondly, to be emotionally tuned. It is important not to worry, because excessive excitement can become a serious obstacle before getting pleasure from the process. It is very important that the first kiss leaves behind a pleasant sensation, which you will remember throughout life.