Grooming a cap on short hair

Hairstyle cap on short hair - quite an extreme option, simply because in society there is still a stereotype that a woman should have long hair. And if kara is perceived by many as a norm, then the haircut of the hat still receives ambiguous assessments, especially from men.

Probably, a strong gender knows a lot about women's beauty, because many women try to look more attractive for men.

However, those few individualists who do not consider it necessary to indulge stereotypes can choose a hairstyle cap. After all, despite the fact that it has negative assessments, it also has a mass of poles:

  1. A woman with a haircut cap looks younger than her years, as the face is open, and it is often framed by playful by different lengths of strands.
  2. It is convenient to take care of a cap: a woman can not worry about long drying of hair and their section, because short locks require less nutrition and look well-groomed even with minimal care.
  3. Cutting the cap is able to adjust the face oval: visually reduce the nose and compensate for the excessively protruding chin.

To whom is a short haircut under the hat?

Haircut short cap is convenient because it fits all, except for girls with a chamfered and narrow chin. Due to the volume on the top of the head, the cap visually lengthens the face oval, which many people today are striving for because of the fashion standards.

Also, the haircut under the cap is suitable for those who like to shade the hair with paint. This is due to the fact that the cap is an uneven haircut, where there are shortened and elongated strands. Just the elongated strands on the crown and shade in a more saturated color of the master hairdressers to make the image of the client brighter.

Cutting a cap on short hair will suit women of fashion who like to try on different images. Such a haircut does not oblige to a certain style and is a laconic and elegant option.

Speaking of who goes to the haircut cap, you can not not talk about the figure. High and lean girls should avoid such a haircut, because it visually lengthens the growth. In combination with shoes on a high platform and a narrow dress, the effect can be negative.

Girls with medium or full physique and short height this haircut will not only face, but also to the figure.

Styling of women's short hairstyle cap

A cap for short hair can be laid in several ways. Of course, they are only available to those girls who have relatively long strands on the crown, but those who decided to limit themselves to a very minimal style will have to accept that only one way to arrange hair, although some minor changes in the hairstyle, still , you can make.

So, those who have a very short haircut cap, can use a gel with the effect of wet hair and create a "mess" on the head. This is a very creative hairstyle, which will emphasize the bright personality of the girl.

Those who have long strands on the vertex, can also use a gel with a wet hair effect, but use it not to create a messy hairstyle, but on the contrary, smoothed. To do this, lubricate damp hair with a gel and comb them back or form a proper part. Then the hair should be dried with a hair dryer.

Another styling option for those who have elongated strands on the crown is to make a large volume. This can be realized with the help of foam, which is applied to wet hair. Drying should be done using a volumetric round brush with short denticles. After the styling is completed, the hair is combed using a comb with wide and few teeth to form beautiful strands.