Erythematous gastroduodenopathy

The phrase "erythematous gastroduodenopathy" sounds quite frightening. Therefore, many people, hearing it in the walls of hospitals, immediately fall into depression and paint for themselves a sad future. But in fact, this trait is not so terrible!

What is this diagnosis - erythematous gastroduodenopathy?

First of all, it is worthwhile to emphasize that this is not a disease. So to be frightened by an erythematous gastroduodenopathy it is not necessary. This is just a condition that can be detected during an endoscopic examination. And it means that redness is visible on the stomach mucosa.

Although redness and harmless, you can not neglect it. If the symptoms of erythematous gastroduodenopathy are ignored and not treated, sooner or later the mucosa may become worse, leading to the development of such unpleasant diseases as gastritis or gastroduodenitis .

Causes and symptoms of erythematous gastroduodenopathy

It is believed that the most important reason for the appearance of redness is malnutrition. Or rather - the use of products that irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach. But this is not the only problem. The following factors can also cause erythematous gastroduodenopathy:

Erythematous gastroduodenopathy is focal and widespread. The latter, as it is easy to guess, is characterized by a significant spread of redness on the surface of the mucosa. Sometimes, hyperemia can even be found in different areas of the stomach.

Focal erythematous gastroduodenopathy of the first degree of inflammation is diagnosed in the case when the reddening is concentrated in one - and, as a rule, a small - mucosa.

While with gastric fistula gastroduodenopathy can still be delayed and not take any measures, with the common need to start fighting right away. The large area of ​​the lesion indicates that the problem has been developing for a long time and very soon it will grow into a gastritis.

Erythematous gastroduodenopathy manifests itself as symptoms similar to other diseases of the stomach:

Treatment of erythematous gastroduodenopathy

  1. The main treatment is diet. In the diet should only remain those products that favorably affect the mucosa. Experts recommend to give up large portions. Instead, they recommend eating a little, but often - between meals, the break may be just a couple of hours.
  2. If you do not want to suffer from gastritis, it's better to give up bad habits.
  3. Those who acutely feel all the symptoms of erythematous gastroduodenopathy, you can drink antacids.
  4. Helps rid of uncomfortable sensations in the stomach with cabbage juice. It is most effective at reduced acidity. Take it must be fresh, preferably a little warmed up. If possible, you need to use this medicine every day at least half a glass.
  5. To surgical intervention and resection, doctors are treated only in the most difficult cases.