Constipation in infants - what to do?

The first months of a child's life - this is the most difficult period for everyone, which is associated with adaptation to life outside the mother's abdomen. Therefore, any disease of the baby and violation of the function of any organs always causes parents' anxiety. After all, I want to help him as soon as possible and to ease my health. To do this, try to deal with one of the frequent problems of newborns and find out what to do with constipation in the baby , and how to help.

Therapeutic tactics

The reasons why babies are constipated are many. First of all, it can be an unusual food, for example, when switching to another kind of feeding. In addition, there is a list of products that cause constipation in infants, including their use by the mother. This includes abuse of coffee, strong black tea, inclusion in the diet of rice, nuts, bakery products, bananas, cheese.

Hence follows the first principle of treating constipation in infants, that is, it is important to revise your diet and exclude or limit the intake of these products. It is better to use more prunes, dried apricots and raisins, since their composition is rich in potassium. Also, try to drink a lot of fluids per day (at least 1.5 liters) and, if necessary, let the baby drink water. After all, it is important not to allow a deficiency of fluid in the body, which can cause delays in feces.

Even our grandmothers and great-grandmothers knew how to cure constipation in a babe with the help of a massage. And now this method is still relevant. It is enough just to stroke the baby's belly with a warm palm clockwise, thus improving the peristalsis of the intestine. Effective will be warm baths and putting the baby on his tummy. To stimulate the intestines, some use a cotton swab, lubricated with a baby cream, which is injected into the anus of the baby and rotated several times.

Often from the delay of the stool, the babies who are on artificial feeding suffer. It is for them to create a special mixture of constipation for babies, because the usual mixture does not contain dietary fiber, which is necessary to activate the work of the intestine. And special mixtures contain, in addition to fibers, also probiotics. In our pharmacies you can find such products as Humana Bifidus, Nutrilak Premium, Hipp Kombiotic, Nestogen Prebio, Baby and others.

If the non-pharmacological methods are ineffective, you must use drugs for constipation for babies, for example glycerin suppositories. Well, the last method used in the absence of the desired result after all of the above is purging the bowels with an enema .

The best effect can be achieved with a combination of several therapeutic measures. But still, before you independently treat constipation in infants, do not forget to consult a qualified specialist. Since the irregular stool can hide very serious diseases that require active intervention in treatment.


Any pathological condition is easier to prevent, than then long to be engaged in treatment. Therefore, prevention of constipation in babies occupies an important place. In order not to provoke a child with problems with the digestive system, the following recommendations should be observed: