Consequences of IVF

Quite often, potential moms who want to go through the procedure of in vitro fertilization are interested in the question of what effects may occur after IVF, and whether they are dangerous for the woman's body. Let's try to answer this question and call the main difficulties that may arise after the procedure.

What can be dangerous procedure IVF?

First of all, it should be said that in most cases this manipulation takes place practically without trace for the organism. The whole point is that the procedure is carefully planned by doctors and before the woman is undergoing a comprehensive examination.

However, conducting an IVF can have consequences for a woman's health. Among the most frequently occurring, it is necessary to note:

  1. Allergic reactions to hormone therapy. To prevent this phenomenon, doctors inject a small concentration of the hormone and observe the absence of a reaction. However, it is necessary to take into account the cumulative effect when, after reaching a certain level of concentration in the body of a synthetic hormone, an allergic reaction develops.
  2. When carrying out IVF, the risk of developing during pregnancy of hypertension increases.
  3. Renewal of chronic, inflammatory processes in the body, which can be associated with infection during the puncture.
  4. Multiple pregnancy is not uncommon in IVF. In those cases where 2 embryos take root, physicians perform a reduction, i.e. terminate the existence of one of them. It is this procedure that is associated with the risk that another embryo may die during its conduct.

What do women most often face after IVF?

The most common problem that occurs in women after this procedure is hormonal failure. The thing is that before manipulation doctors artificially increase the concentration of progesterone in order to strengthen ovulation and stimulate the release of several sex cells from follicles.

As a result, the syndrome of hyperactive ovaries may develop. With such a violation, the sex glands themselves increase in size, and cysts can form on their surface. Women are concerned about:

Treatment for such a violation is aimed at normalizing the hormonal background. In the presence of cysts, a surgical operation is prescribed.