Cards for child development

All young parents take care of the physical and intellectual development of their newborn baby and are anxious to keep up with their peers. For this, the child needs to devote a lot of time and regularly deal with it in various ways.

Today, moms and dads can not invent anything independently, but use one of the many methods of early development, specially developed by professional psychologists, doctors and educators. They can have different forms, but the most accessible for kids are development cards, with which boys and girls learn new information for themselves in the shortest possible time.

Such cards for the development of the child are used in the work of both domestic and foreign specialists. In this article, we will tell you which early development systems use visual aids of this kind, and how they can be used with the child.

The Glen Doman Method

The most popular cards for child development since birth are developed by American neurosurgeon Glen Doman. His method is based on the principle that young children begin to perceive the world around them with the help of auditory and visual analyzers.

On all the cards of Glen Doman for the development of a child for a year in large red letters printed words that have a special meaning for him - "mom", "dad", "cat", "porridge" and so on. It is with these simplest terms that it is recommended to begin training. All the words displayed to the child are divided into several categories - vegetables, fruits, food, animals and so on.

Older kids already need to show cards that show not only words, but also pictures. The use of benefits of this kind in lessons with crumbs is no longer directed to its emotional response, as in the previous case, but to the development of logical thinking.

Daily exercises with cards form a clear relationship between the word and the visual image, which, according to the neurosurgeon, promotes a smooth transition to subsequent reading. The child, despite his young age, learns immediately to perceive whole words, rather than individual letters, as most other specialists suggest.

In addition, Glen Doman pays attention and numbers. He believes that it is much easier for kids to perceive not abstract images that do not mean anything for them, but a specific number of symbols. That is why for the training of the account in his methodology, visual aids with red dots on them in a certain amount are applied.

Glen Doman cards are designed to develop a child's active speech, memory, logical and spatial-figurative thinking, concentration and other skills. His visual material is in great demand among young parents, so in booksellers and children's stores it is quite expensive. In this there is nothing to worry about, as the cards for the development of the child can easily be made with their own hands, simply by printing them on thick paper on a color printer. All the necessary files for this can easily be found on the Internet.

Other techniques

There are other methods for developing memory and other skills for young children, in which special cards are used, namely:

  1. Method "100 colors" - colored cards for babies from birth.
  2. "Skylark English" - a technique for teaching English language crumbs from the moment they utter the first word up to 6-7 years.
  3. "Who or what is superfluous?" - cards for the development of a child at the age of 2-3 years and others.