What does the shoes look like?

Like any other footwear, shoes are often a symbol of road and movement. The dreams in which you saw this object help you to know the events of the future. For more accurate and detailed information, try to remember as much as possible of the details of the dream.

What does the shoes look like?

Strict black shoes promises success in business and at work. If you have changed shoes in a dream, then soon you are waiting for changes, and they can have, both positive and negative. To see in the window a lot of beautiful shoes, then in real life you will find happiness and love. Brilliant shoes promise grand success, but just do not look. Shoes with sharp socks can be interpreted as the advent of a successful period for decisive action. Shoes with heels warn that in the future you will need to show willpower.

What are the new shoes wearing?

The newly bought pair of shoes foreshadows favorable changes to life. Another dream can promise a long journey, which will last long enough. New high-heeled shoes foreshadow the emergence of a conflict situation, but it will be for you a chance to prove yourself in a better light before the leadership.

Why dream of buying shoes?

The dream in which you made such a purchase, foreshadowing joy, perhaps you will meet your soul mate. If you buy fashion shoes - this is a warning that you should control your words and not give anybody promises.

Why dream about measuring shoes?

If you measure your shoes and understand that it shakes you - this is a harbinger of that soon you will learn unpleasant information about a partner. A dream interpreter recommends at this time to be on the alert and not to tell anyone about his personal affairs.

Why dream of losing shoes?

In this case, the dream can be interpreted as a warning that close friends can renounce you. Another such dream predicts the appearance of some obstacle in the way. If you have stolen shoes, then do not get upset, in real life you will get a good compensation for loss.

What does the old shoes look like?

Old shoes can symbolize the renewal of relations with a former partner. In one of the dream books there is information that such a dream presages the completion of a relationship that you have long been unhappy with.

Why dream of torn shoes?

Such a dream can be considered a warning that your general criticism can provoke a hostile attitude of surrounding people. Another dream can be interpreted as a failure in business.