Brazilian hair straightening - everything you need to know about the procedure

Every woman wants to have a thick and healthy head of hair, because the opportunity to create different versions of elegant and stylish hairstyles while expanding. Sometimes you just want to change the image and straighten curly locks , make them smooth and pleasant to the touch. In such cases, Brazilian hair straightening comes to the rescue - a popular procedure that helps to bring the dream to life.

Keratin hair straightening - harm or benefit

In order to give your hair a healthy and glossy sheen, apply Brazilian keratin hair straightening. This method is the application of a liquid preparation together with a protective coating on curls with ironing. This method is very popular in the US and is banned in the European Union and Canada due to the high content of harmful substances that are dangerous to human life.

Brazilian keratin can be dangerous not only for women who undergo the procedure, but also for the hairdressers themselves. The reason for this factor is the methylene glycol substance, which enters into large amounts in many ways (for example, Brasilian Blowout). With strong heating, methylene glycol releases a formaldehyde gas, which is harmful to the human body, causing such symptoms as:

If you use high-quality drugs, observe safety techniques and application rules, then dangerous consequences can be avoided. In order to smooth your locks, become silky and beautiful, apply Brazilian hair straightening, the photo before and after will show you a colossal difference. It is necessary to conduct the procedure in a fully ventilated room, you can not use a hot hair dryer and apply the product on the scalp.

The correct technique of keratin hair straightening helps restore fibrillar proteins and normalize their balance in the bulbs of the head. Female curls are exposed to adverse factors:

Such an effect on the female head of hair leads to the loss of keratin. After 25 years, many girls have dull tresses and tangles, start falling out and cutting, they do not fit well and do not stick in their hair. Brazilian straightening and hair restoration helps to cope with similar problems. By the way, you can even up to 80% of even the strongest curls, the effect is kept from 3 to 6 months, and then the procedure must be repeated anew.

Means for keratin hair straightening

Before deciding to perform this procedure, ask your master what he uses the drugs, their brand and makeup. Hairdressers are used with such a method as Brazilian hair straightening, means depending on the type of hair . The most popular manufacturers are:

  1. Cadiveu Professional - is a professional set that consists of a mask, shampoo and work composition.
  2. Coffee premium all liss - suitable for thick and hard hair and is a three-phase complex.
  3. Inoar - thanks to this firm, Brazilian hair straightening can be done at home.
  4. Plastica capilar - customers can choose the fragrance for their hair: acai, pimenta, passion fruit or menthol. The composition includes saturated amino acids and proteins, which actively moisturize and nourish the roots.
  5. Biyouh liss is organic cosmetics that can be used for pregnant women and children.

Brazilian composition for keratin hair straightening

Before you buy Brazilian keratin for hair straightening, ask the seller for a certificate of quality and carefully study the composition of the drug. It should include:

How to straighten hair with keratin at home?

In order to produce Brazilian hair straightening at home, you will need a special tool for self-use, flattening iron, bowl and gloves. After the procedure, the head can not be washed for 72 hours, it is better not to use hairpins, elastic bands and do not put glasses on your head, and do not comb your hair without extreme need for several days.

Brazilian Hair Straightening - Execution Technology

Before you start the procedure, examine what the keratin rectification technique is:

  1. To apply keratin it is necessary on all length of hair, deviating from roots on 1,5 sm.
  2. All hair is combed from face to neck.
  3. Keratin will need to be left on your head for half an hour.
  4. After 30 minutes, dry the hair with a hairdryer, without washing off the keratin.
  5. When the head is completely dry, pull the hair iron at a temperature of 220-230 degrees.

Hair care after keratin straightening

Here are a few rules that are important to adhere to to fix a good result:

  1. Do not touch the hair after keratin straightening during the first 3 days.
  2. For sleep it is necessary to prepare a silk or satin pillow case.
  3. It is forbidden to use foams, varnishes, waxes and other styling products so that a chemical reaction does not occur.
  4. You can have hair cuts in a week after the procedure.
  5. Do the staining better 7 days before the procedure. The paint should not contain ammonia.

What kind of shampoo should I wash my head after keratin straightening?

Responding to the popular question about what to wash after the Brazilian hair straightening head, you need to say that you will need professional shampoos and masks, they should include keratin. Such means are sold in salons or specialized stores, and sometimes they are included in the set for the procedure. After bathing rinse your hair with fat-free yogurt or herbal decoction.