Blake Lively in a swimsuit

The ideal of most girls and women is the American actress and model Blake Lively. She is the owner of a stunning figure. Fame came to her with the release of the series "Gossip Girl", where she played in the image of a long-haired blonde. Blake Lively in a swimsuit, even after the birth of a child, looks amazing. And all this thanks to constant work on yourself.

Blake Lively in a swimsuit - the secrets of harmony after the first birth

When the actress came in popularity, she weighed only 57 kg, with her growth of 178 cm. In a short time she became a muse of many designers. Among them are the fashion houses of Christian Labuten and Karl Lagerfeld .

The 28-year-old actress likes to dress beautifully. And each exit is a new image. Once she broke all the records of women of fashion - for a day she changed 10 outfits.

You can often see Blake Lively on the beach. And every time is a new swimsuit, which emphasizes its beauty, harmony and sexuality.

In late 2014, the actress became a mother. But what was the surprise of her fans when they saw Blake Lively in a swimsuit soon after childbirth. She looked amazing.

What is the secret of the harmony of the Hollywood actress?

The veil of secrecy was opened by her personal trainer Don Saladino. In their work they adhered to such rules:

  1. The goal of each training is to restore energy. Blake Lively did not exhaust her body with heavy exercises.
  2. Training took place 6 times a week. Every day is a new complex for different zones. This allowed to return the perfect figure. Blake Lively was already blinking in a yellow swimsuit, attracting the attention of the paparazzi.
  3. A food complex was compiled. Eat the actress 5 times a day, not skipping breakfast.

Summer 2016 - premiere of the film "Otmel" and pregnant Blake Lively in a swimsuit

It would seem that the actress only gave birth, but a few weeks later she was already involved in the shooting of the film "Otmel". In it, she had to demonstrate the ideal body of a surfer, and she succeeded 100%. It was in this film that Blake Lively appeared in a sports swimsuit. Her figure, as well as before pregnancy, looked perfect, well pumped and taut.

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Not much time passed and on the US Independence Day the paparazzi photographed the pregnant Blake Lively again in a swimsuit. She and her husband Ryan Reynolds and friends had fun, and the actress was happy.