Bear oil for children

Bear oil in itself is a storehouse of proteins, vitamins, nucleic acids and minerals that are easily digestible. However, official medicine did not study the study of bear fat, so use it with caution.


It is almost impossible to list all that heals bear oil. They smear wounds so that they are quickly tightened and not inflamed, burns, bedsores, intertrigo, rubbed and light frostbite. Also, bearish fat for children is used for colds. He does a good job of coughing. With a cold to use bearish fat as an ointment is useless - it should not just be applied to the baby's breast, but well pounded to make it warm. After that, put the baby in a warm shirt and wrap it with a blanket.

This application is not limited to children of bear fat. To understand the usefulness of bearish fat, it is worth remembering that with this substance the bear provides itself with all the winter hibernation, that is, it contains everything necessary for a full life. If the diet will regularly be present bearish fat, it will have a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, concentration of attention and the ability to learn, relieve irritability and increased excitability. In addition, it is an excellent prophylaxis for rickets and dystrophy, helps to eliminate toxins from the body, strengthens children's immunity.


With special care, bearish fat should be used by children with individual intolerance (it is necessary to check the intake of microdoses), as well as to those who suffer from diseases of the biliary tract. This is, perhaps, all the contraindications that has bearish fat, but the responsibility for its use for children rests with the parents. It is recommended to get advice from a pediatrician.