20 brides who wanted to be at the wedding the most unique, but something went wrong ...

Each bride secretly hopes that her wedding will be one and for life. So, on such a day and her dress should be not just perfect, but the best and the most unique!

But after all, each of us has its own criteria for "most-most." And for some, they are slightly different from the generally accepted ... In general, we caught 20 wedding dresses, the owners of which did not have a sense of taste, style and tact. Or is it the fault of all the pre-wedding jitters?

1. The main thing is not to burst with happiness!

2. And that at the celebration you are not confused with the wedding cake!

3. Did you think this is only in fairy tales? In the terrible ...

4. And God forbid the rain - then all will remain naked!

5. It is not a sin to native and close people to open the whole "soul open"!

6. Yes you that, patriotism is now in the trend!

7. Here is a fine bride - he saves from the first day of his life together!

8. How much happiness the bridegroom has brought!

9. There are not many hearts on this day!

10. Advice and love to the married!

11. You'd think she's the first pregnant bride ???

12. If only not to lose on the way to the registry office their immense ... feelings!

13. Do not burst with happiness - it's good, but more importantly - do not fly away from your wedding!

14. And do not crush your groom's love!

15. No-ve-e-esta ... A cloud of love on my hands!

16. Yes, she did not go to the gym in vain ???

17. And this bride is fire in general!

18. Oh, if only the bridegroom was not a ram in the future ...

19. That's what it means - a wedding buffet!

20. Yes you look, how much pride in the eyes of the groom! Bitterly!