What is the name of Yuri

The qualities of Yuri are calmness and concentration, and the goal is noble cognition.

Name Yuri - a modified Greek "George", "landowner".

Origin of the name Yuri:

This name Yuri came to our speech from the ancient Greek language. Originally it sounded like George, but then it separated and became an independent name. An ancestor of the name of Yuri, the name - George, is also, at the moment, an independent name.

Characteristics and interpretation of the name Yuri:

In his childhood, Yuri is contemplative and calm. He empathic, keenly experiences another's grief as his own. Tied to his parents and in the depths of his soul he always considers himself a child next to them. With peers, however, he is judicious not by age, which does not prevent him from actively participating in games and making leprosy. They are rarely physically strong, but almost always mobile and flexible, sometimes - peasant-like stockyards.

Yuriev is characterized by contemplation and discretion, choosing a profession, they rarely stop at work, suggesting communication with a large number of people, but they try to avoid being alone. For the most part, they are borderline between technicians and humanities and do not show a pronounced inclination to any of the sciences. They are interested in finding regularities, studying physical phenomena, integrating conclusions and testing hypotheses in practice. Patient and lucky researchers, travelers and pioneers are obtained from Yuriev. Their flexible inquisitive mind requires knowledge. They are persistent, disciplined and ready for years to wait for the result. In actions often guided by unerring intuition, colleagues are encouraged by sincere confidence in success.

In the company, a carrier named Yuri usually relies on his sense of humor and ease of communication. Often Yuri are sunny-red, cheerful and sociable. When a conflict can easily insult the offender verbally, they prefer verbal battles physical. However, Yuri can stand up for themselves in a fight, as they are not afraid of hard work. Yuriev is appreciated as a pleasant and reasonable interlocutor and pays tribute to their natural tact. They are able to calm people and instill confidence in them, good teachers and mentors come out of them. The leader-Yuri politely and calmly motivates his subordinates.

Upset Yuri may become closed, gloomy and prone to unkind jokes. Often it is pursued by unreasonable anxiety, self-doubt.

In love, Yuri is a self-sacrificing experimenter, but only if he finds a woman suitable for him. Yuri is highly moral, condemns disorderly connections, gallant without subtext. He appreciates female beauty, willingly flirts, but never crosses the border. In the search for a partner is patient and persevering, it is preferable to be alone, than with anyone. Sometimes passive, prefers to "conquer" him, but at the same time slightly condescending to persistent women, distances himself from importunity. Yuri prefers strong and held women.

Yuri - the personification of the saying "everything in the house." Be sure to perform "male" work around the house, make sure that the family always had money. If the house of Yuri needs repair - he will follow immediately and will not last for years. He loves children, especially his strong affection for grandchildren. Yuri needs to take care of his wife and children.

Interesting facts about the name Yuri:

"Summer" Yuri have a philosophical mindset, they are characterized by distraction and sincere kindness. "Autumn" and "winter" - frivolous and witty, "spring" - delicate, they make good diplomats.

Especially successful relations among the carriers of this name are with Irina, Elena, Anastasia, Galina and Natalia. But with Anna, Veronika and Tatiana, Yuriev often does not have a marriage.

Name Yuri in different languages:

Forms and variants of the name Yuri : Yura, Yurasya, Yuraha, Yurash, Yurik, Yuranya

Yuri - color of name : pale blue

Yuri's flower : lily of the valley

Yuri's Stone : Topaz