Wedding rings with diamonds

In Europe and the United States, it is customary to present an engagement ring during an offer to marry. Over time, this beautiful ritual took root in Russia and CIS countries, so many men began to be interested in the criteria for choosing rings. In fact, everything is quite simple: the more serious your intentions, the more luxurious the decoration should be. Ideal fit wedding rings with diamonds, which by definition can not be cheap. The products are made by private jewelry firms, however for the well-off customers there is a custom ring service. So, how to choose wedding rings with diamonds? About this below.

Elite Engagement Rings with Diamonds

If you decide to choose a really luxurious gold wedding ring with a diamond, it is important to choose the right model. Depending on the number of diamonds and design features, the following types of jewelry can be distinguished:

  1. Engagement ring with 1 diamond. A classic model that is suitable for almost everyone. Here the main emphasis is on a single stone, so it is important that it is large enough. The ideal size is 0.1-0.2 carats. Note that the evaluation of the stone is made according to the "Tavernier principle", that is, the cost of the crystal is equal to the product of the square of mass in carats at the base price of 1 carat. Thus, for one large stone you can pay more than a few small ones.
  2. Wedding rings "path" with diamonds. Here the main ornament is a path of crystals, which can encircle the whole product or a certain part of it. Such rings are relatively inexpensive, because for their decoration small stones are used that cost several times less than large crystals. For fastening, the Pave bracing is used, which makes it possible to form a single massif of the square completely covered with stones.
  3. Wide engagement rings with diamonds. As a rule, these are fantasy products consisting of a multitude of curved elements intertwined with each other. Not only diamonds can be used for decoration, but also sapphires, rubies, emeralds. Very beautiful looks a combination of black and white diamonds.
  4. Thematic rings. At the time of the engagement, rings made in the form of a bow, heart, crown or symbol of infinity (inverted figure 8) will be appropriate. Such decorations stand out against the background of stereotyped rings, emphasizing the imagination and originality of their mistress.

When choosing a ring, be sure to check the gold sample and ask relevant documents confirming the authenticity of the stone. Note that diamonds very rarely recover in silver and any inexpensive alloys, as this greatly lowers the product, likening it to ordinary jewelry. If there are any doubts, you can ask for advice from a private jeweler.

Twin wedding rings with diamonds

By this concept is meant several kinds of rings. The most popular are models made in the form of two connected rings, one of which is decorated with a path of diamonds. It looks rather creative, however, the cost of such decoration is very high.

For couples who wish to emphasize their affinity and similarity, a set of two rings made in one style is offered. Men's models have a more restrained design and are decorated with fewer stones, while women's rings are very elegant and larger. As an analogue, male models can be offered engagement rings with black diamonds.