Large aquarium fish - peaceful and not very

Aquarium fish are one of the most popular pets. They are relatively inexpensive, do not provoke the appearance of allergies and decorate even the most minimalistic interior. Large aquarium fish look much more attractive than small specimens. At the same time they are often less demanding in care than small species. They differ only in that aquariums with a volume of 100 liters and above are required to contain such fish.

Peaceful fishes

Fish, not prone to quarreling with neighbors, are more preferable for beginning aquarists. Buying them, you do not need to think about who can be pushed to them. These include:

  1. Torpedo barbs . In pet stores, it is too small to assess its future dimensions: growing, it reaches a length of 50 cm. Adult barbs are large peaceful aquarium fish that do not harm other cohabitants. Their only drawback is their addiction to tearing up the soil and eating algae.
  2. Goldfish . They, too, can not defend themselves from attacks by predators. Only barbs will not bite their fins. These large aquarium fish are very unpretentious, but they still have 2-3 individuals to settle them.
  3. Carnegieillus . Among large fish, the most part are bottom-dwelling individuals. If you are looking for those that swim near the surface of the water, pay attention to the marble carnegiella. The fish "clinobranch" is interesting for the love of jumping out of the water, during which she uses fins instead of wings. Carnegiehles live exclusively in groups, so you will have to acquire 5-7 individuals at once - only then they are not afraid to swim around the aquarium.
  4. Danio Malabar . Rare, but from this no less than friendly fish are 10-15 cm long. They are less often than others that need to clean the tank and not so sensitive to the change of food.

Aggressive species of large fish

Unfortunately, not all breeds are ready to put up with weak companions. Predatory fish are forbidden to settle in one aquarium with a peaceful one, since the latter will quickly die. Such "loners" include:

  1. Fish-cleaner . The most popular specimen among large fish is the Pterygopluster or "Aquarium Cleaner". Brocaded catfish with a spectacular fin really cleans the walls of the aquarium and driftwood from all kinds of pollution. This catfish does not disdain to eat scales from the sides of smaller relatives, so it can not be planted in one aquarium with peace-loving species. Neighbor of pterygoplichta can only become pangasius.
  2. Discussions of different kinds . Viviparous discus - large aquarium fish, living in schools. They are too temperamental even in relation to each other: individuals periodically bite even those who are with them in one flock. The discussions are hyperactive and do not tolerate a neighborhood with sluggish fellow tribesmen.
  3. Astronotus . It can reach 30 cm in length, which is quite impressive for the inhabitant of a home aquarium. The fish from the Amazon are too unfriendly to coexist even with catfish or discus. In order to avoid aggression, only a couple of females and males stand in one tank.
  4. Piranhas . Everyone knows that this is the most dangerous fish in existence. She reacts so quickly to the appearance of food in the tank, which can damage the hand of an overly curious aquarist.

When you populate a new species in the aquarium, do not try to settle the entire brood immediately. Add one fish and a few days carefully monitor its behavior - this will avoid the death of young animals.