Wedding hairstyles with diadem and veil

The centuries-old symbols of innocence and luxury - veil and diadem are the children's dream of many girls. However, when the question comes to a choice, it turns out that there are so many variants that the eyes run out. Do not get lost! First, determine which type of tiara you want, then evaluate the style and length of the dress and match them to the length of the veil. And then - choose the most suitable from the remaining options!

Types of tiara

  1. Tiara . A luxurious high diadem is ideal for classic long and lush dresses.
  2. Bezel . A thin, short hoop can be combined with narrow dresses such as "mermaid", short models of "baby-dollars" or dresses of laconic, simple silhouettes.
  3. Diadem-comb . Ideal for dresses with a lot of decorative elements, when not the headpiece should not draw attention to itself.

Hairstyles for a wedding with a diadem and a veil for long hair

  1. A high beam or a babette . One of the best hair styles with a veil and diadem. Hair in front of lick smoothly, and for decoration - gather in a volumetric bundle. The fatha can be located both on top of it and under it.
  2. Low beam . Carelessly chosen curls create an easy, gentle, girlish image. Good for dresses in the style of Provence, boho or romantic.
  3. "Malvinka" . The principle is the same as that of a hairstyle, which many did in childhood. It goes well with a diadem-crest.
  4. The spit . A feminine, primordially Slavic hairstyle is a salvation for girls with long, thick and heavy hair. In this case, it is better to abandon other decorative elements in hair - flowers, beads or rhinestones.
  5. Locks . Wedding hairstyle with curls, diadem and veil is, perhaps, the most comfortable for the bride herself. Even at the end of the evening the head will not get tired, but to collect hair, if desired, you can always have it yourself.

Wedding hairstyles for veil and diadem on medium hair

The two most popular types of styling here are different if you have curly hair or not. In the first case, a part of the curls is collected by studs from behind, and a part - is released forward. In the second variant, the bride's hair style with a veil and diadem at the roots creates a hair and volume, and hair is also pinned to the back of the head. And for the first, and for the second case, a large tiara or rim is more suitable, depending on the pomp of the dress and the length of the veil.

Wedding hairstyles with a diadem and veil for short hair

Owners of short hairstyles "Bob" or "Elf" is the easiest. If the length allows, then the hair can be twisted, if not - leave as is. It's still good to create a small hair for a diadem.

Wedding hairstyle with diadem, veil and bangs looks good on hair of any length. Depending on the depth of the bangs, the decoration can be located directly at her (bangs) of the beginning or slightly farther, catching some more hair volume.