Two-winged wardrobe

Two-winged wardrobe is a compact and practical furniture that helps to save space considerably. Any niche or extra meter of space can be used functionally by organizing a convenient storage system on it. Since the doors for opening the cabinet travel on the guides, it does not need additional space.

Features of double-winged wardrobes

The facades of cabinets are their main decoration. It is possible to emphasize the individuality and style of the owner when applying on the plane of the facades a bicuspid wardrobe-compartment with a picture with photo printing.

A two - winged wardrobe with a mirror increases the visual space of the room, the reflective ability of the doors enhances the lighting. The doors of mirrors or glass are often decorated with various patterns and stained glass.

A two-winged sliding-door wardrobe with white or black glossy coating or in combination with mirror inserts will look flawless in a modern interior.

Two-winged corner cabinet-coupe forms a capacious storage area, allows rational use of free space in the corners. Often, they are joined by rounded modules with open shelves. They can install books, souvenirs, cute trinkets that will not be scattered around the room.

An interesting corner model is a convex radial cabinet with rounded doors, it will become a stylish and bright object of the interior.

The internal filling of the double-winged sliding-door wardrobe depends on the location of its installation and its destination. As a rule, one part is equipped with bars and clothes hangers, the other - with shelves and drawers for laundry.

Double-winged wardrobe-coupe is appropriate to install in the hallway, living room, bedroom, nursery. With its help you can store things and emphasize the modernity of the interior.