Treatment of strawberries in spring from diseases and pests - what are the best means?

Spring heat awakens not only plants, but also wintering on them larvae of insects and spores of fungi. Imperceptible at first, they actively begin to act, causing a complete or partial loss of plantations. Getting rid of uninvited neighbors, the correct treatment of strawberries in spring from diseases and pests lays the basis for a good harvest.

Spring treatment of strawberries from pests and diseases

Processing of strawberries in the spring should be made as early as possible, as soon as plantings are cleared of snow and warm weather sets:

  1. Everything starts with cleaning - the beds should be cleaned of fallen leaves, dead parts of strawberry bushes, etc. But you can cut off last year's leaves only after the appearance of new ones, trying not to damage the heart of the bush. Collected garbage is better burned, to exclude the possibility of spreading disease-causing spores and pest larvae along the site.
  2. The soil on the strawberry plantation, freed from last year's rubbish, is loosened, removing the mulch laid earlier. This not only contributes to the heating of the root system and the rapid development of bushes, but it helps to get rid of the lion's share of harmful insects and pathogens that choose a loose and nutritious topsoil for wintering.
  3. Plantation is well watered with clean warm water, and after that it is treated with the chosen remedy according to the instructions. For treatment choose a calm day, not rainy, but also not bright-sunny.

What to spray strawberries in the spring from pests?

Juicy and sweet strawberry-berry is liked not only by people, but also by numerous harmful insects: a weevil beetle, a drooling-penny, a nematode, a spider mite . Most of them begin their subversive activities as soon as the surface of the soil warms up to + 8 ° C and the first time is unnoticeable for the gardener. When the results of "sabotage" begin to catch your eye, the treatment of strawberries in spring from diseases and pests is no longer effective - insects have time to migrate to neighboring plants or move to a less vulnerable stage of development.

The berries of strawberries are very tender, they can not be completely cleaned of substances that have fallen on the surface. Choosing what to treat strawberries from pests is to give preference to the most sparing and safe for humans means: urea, ammonia, iodine, peroxide, manganese. Despite the apparent primitiveness, the use of these pharmacy-home remedies gives a good result, destroying the larvae of beetles and mites, spores of fungi.

Treatment of strawberries in spring with ammonia

Inexpensive pharmacy drug, ammonia has found its application and on strawberry beds. Treatment of strawberries with ammonia helps to cope with the attacks of the May beetle, nematode, reduce the activity of fungal spores and is a good additional dressing. To obtain a working solution, it is necessary to mix one vial of ammonia (10% ammonia, 40 ml) in 10 liters of water. Pour the bushes from the watering can with the sprinkler, trying to get the solution on each leaf. The soil after such treatment of strawberries in the spring from diseases and pests is better covered with straw mulch .

Processing strawberries in spring with urea

In the period of active growth plants need nitrogen. Replenish its deficiency and strengthen resistance to various attacks helps to spray strawberries with urea . The working liquid for it is prepared from 1 tablespoon of urea per 1 bucket of water. To the treatment proceed immediately after the sanitary spring pruning. It is important that by this time the danger of recurrent frosts has passed, otherwise instead of using strawberry treatment in the spring from diseases and pests, urea will lead to the death of strawberry plantations.

Treatment of strawberries in spring with iodine

An amateur to enjoy sweet berries, the weevil beetle begins its subversive activity settling inside flower buds and eating them from the inside. Protect the future harvest will help treatment of strawberries with iodine. It is carried out in 2 stages. In the beginning, the beds are cleaned of old leaves and other debris, then abundantly watered with clean water, and when it is completely absorbed - water with the addition of iodine (half a teaspoon per 10 liters). A few weeks after this, spraying with iodine-soap solution (0.5 teaspoon of iodine, a little laundry soap, 10 liters of water) is carried out.

Treatment of strawberries in spring with copper sulfate

Like many other stunted plants, strawberries are prone to a number of fungal diseases - gray rot , powdery mildew, scab. To cope with these misfortunes, the spring treatment of strawberries with copper sulfate. Since the substance is aggressive, it is able to burn leaves, it is used in a mixture with slaked lime (Bordeaux liquid). It is recommended to use vitriol very carefully in its pure form, so as not to damage the tender strawberry greens. To prepare the working solution, dilute 100 grams of the substance in 10 liters of water and gently spray each bush.

Treatment of strawberries in spring potassium permanganate

Potassium permanganate, better known as potassium permanganate, can be found in any medicine cabinet. Gardeners-gardeners evaluated its disinfecting properties and used to disinfect the seed. Treatment of strawberries with potassium permanganate protects plants from pest attacks, increases their resistance to infections and fungi, and also enriches the soil. In early spring, it is necessary to prepare a saturated (dark cherry) solution of potassium permanganate and treat them with delicate leaves, paying special attention to their lower part.

Treatment of strawberries in spring Bordeaux liquid

Bordeaux liquid is a mixture of copper sulfate and hydrated lime. As a result, the disinfecting properties of vitriol remain, but its aggressiveness is significantly reduced. The working solution is prepared immediately before use (shelf life 4-5 hours). Treatment of strawberry Bordeaux liquid is possible in two versions: 1% solution is used for preventive purposes, and 4% for controlling spot and gray rot.

Treatment of strawberries in spring with hydrogen peroxide

Another remedy from the home medicine chest, hydrogen peroxide also benefits on strawberry beds. It not only stimulates the growth of bushes and the formation of ovaries, but it hinders the development of putrefactive diseases, which are prone to ripening in direct contact with the ground strawberries. Processing of strawberries with hydrogen peroxide can be made not only in early spring, but also during the flowering period. A solution for spraying is prepared at the rate of 1 tablespoon of the preparation per 1 liter of water. With signs of severe damage to rot, the concentration in a liter of water can be increased to 3 spoons of peroxide.

Treatment of strawberries in spring with boiling water

The adherents of organic farming will be interested in processing strawberries with boiling water. This method, which does no harm to plants or soil, allows us to destroy not only the pests that winter in the bushes, but also the spores of harmful fungi. The best time for hot treatment of strawberries in spring from diseases and pests is the beginning of April. Water is heated to a temperature of 60-70 ° C and each bush is shed, capturing not only the leaves, but also the soil around. Roots do not suffer, because they are reliably protected by not yet warmed up land.