Tin wedding

Each year, married couples celebrate the anniversary of the marriage. The date of the tin wedding is 8 years. During this time, relations between partners became ordinary, faded and began to resemble tin. The name of the wedding indicates that the husband and wife have passed the test of everyday life and have become solid, but that they do not turn into a routine from time to time they need to be minted. Also, the 8th anniversary of the relationship is called a poppy wedding.


Celebrate this holiday already a lot of time, so it has its own customs and rituals. On this day, the couple put an iron bucket through the gate, into which they poured vodka. Nearby there was a ladle and a tin mug. All the people who passed by, drank, while wishing the couple's happiness and love. At the same time, a coin was put in a mug so that the family had financial well-being. On this day, a woman always put on ornaments from tin plates with certain patterns.

Even the night before the tin wedding, they were wondering. To do this, take a tin plate and put it on the floor in the stable. If the horse advances on it and leaves a trail, then the next life of the couple will be happy, and they will live together for a long time. By the way, this plate was left at home until one of the spouses died.

Given the second name of the wedding - poppy, the landlady must certainly have baked pies with poppy seeds. The table should be served with shiny dishes, which is somewhat reminiscent of tin.


Spouses for 8 years have found true friends, who are invited to a tin wedding. Uninvited guests can also get to the celebration, for this they had to dress up in the suits of the bride and groom and then they are allowed to celebrate. In addition to the costumes on them must necessarily be wearing a ring of tin. At the festive table the mummers performed the role of toastmasters and entertained guests during the wedding. As for the cake for a tin wedding, it can be made on its own or ordered in a confectioner's shop. For example, you can make a poppy pie. Customized versions are obtained by these masterpieces. You can order a cake in the form of a tin can or something like that.

What is given for a tin wedding?

There are many different options for choosing a partner for partners. You can give your second half a bouquet of poppies or a piece of tin made with your own hands, for example, jewelry, hand-made or picture. It is worth considering that the presents for this celebration must certainly be brilliant. Also choose goods useful in everyday life, but they should not be banal and boring. If you were invited to a tin wedding, then as a gift you can choose:

  1. Different sweets or tea in a beautiful tin can. Today on the shelves of shops you can find original versions with a beautiful pattern. Even after consuming the contents, the package of tin can be used as an ornament or a box. To present original gift you can contact the engraver.
  2. Choose different kitchen accessories made from tin, for example, pots, baking utensils or cutlery. To gift was original, you can decorate them yourself, for example, attach the eyes and sponges of paper.
  3. A win-win option is any gifts for a tin wedding, which you just need to wrap in foil. Thanks to this, the present will correspond to the theme of the celebration
  4. You can buy a box of tin, which can be used to store jewelry and various trifles.
  5. Choose different souvenirs: a tin horseshoe , a piggy bank in the form of a tin can and many others.