Maritime wedding - decoration

Many people with the sea are associated exclusively with romantic events, many couples at the resorts met each other. The maritime theme of the wedding remains relevant for many years. This option is suitable for everyone, regardless of the location of the sea, season and venue. The main thing is to choose the right decor and then, you can plunge into the sea and in the usual dining room.

Ideas for a Marriage

It starts with the image of the bride and groom. In principle, you can stay on the classic, just add some accessories: a blue tie and a scarf in the pocket for the groom, and for the bride you can use the marine jewelry for the hairstyle, blue belt and the original bouquet . For beautiful photos, you can put the groom in a vest, cap cap, etc.

What you need to design a wedding in a marine style:

  1. Let's start with invitations. They can be made in the form of a sailboat or use a sink with scraps. A great idea is invitations in bottles. As for the text, you can write something mysterious or, in general, provide a detailed map of treasures.
  2. To decorate the hall or exit ceremony, you need to use fabrics of blue hues, as well as sand and white. Mesh is also suitable. Marriage style wedding will not do without appropriate accessories: lifebuoys, treasure chests, seashells and starfish, anchor, steering wheel, in general, everything will suit. You can use the decor balls, because today they can create any shape, including the sea.
  3. Since the table of the youngest is the most important, it is worth paying special attention to its decoration. To add romance, you can use wide glasses with candles and sand. A great addition - large shells and starfish, and even large sea stones.
  4. Another important aspect of the marital wedding is the design of the cake. Today, with the help of mastic, confectioners can create a dessert of any shape, for example, in the form of a ship, or you can simply decorate a multi-tiered cake with various edible marine attributes. In general, in this issue the main thing is fantasy .

In the design of any themed wedding is important not to overdo it, because everything will look ugly and pompous.