The Water Museum in St. Petersburg

One of the interesting museums of the Northern Capital invites everyone to visit. The Water Museum in St. Petersburg will tell you many interesting facts about where the water comes from in our taps and where it disappears from the washrooms and baths. In addition, this museum is almost the youngest, therefore everything is done according to the latest technology.

An ancient building and its new role

It is known that the water museum on Shpalernaya was located in the building where once there was a main water station. The house is not simple, built in the distant 1861, and the architects of the project were the famous architects Enrest Shubersky and Ivan Merz. Not so long ago, St. Petersburg celebrated its 300th anniversary, and it was to this important date that numerous changes in the external appearance were timed. Among the changes for the better was the restoration of the building, in which it was decided to place a museum of water.

Museum "The World of Water of St. Petersburg" shows the history of the tower, and at the same time tells how the water canal appeared in the city. The entrance is decorated with an interesting bronze statue - the figure of a water carrier, which is very symbolic in this case. The modern museum furnishings are designed for a wide range of visitors, there are also special devices to ensure that people with disabilities could easily enter the premises.

Museum "The Universe of Water"

In the museum you can learn many different details about the water. Of course, it is water that plays a huge role in the development of civilization, many different stories allow us to reveal its significance. Excursions in this museum are intended for both adults and children. The latter are happy to listen to the details, which are presented in an accessible form by guides, experienced and knowledgeable. As a rule, the excursion itself takes no more than 40 minutes, but if a very interesting group comes across, it can drag on for an hour.

If you prepare in advance, then the address of the water museum can be found in any guidebook (Shpalernaya, 56), it can become one of the points of a rich cultural program. It is interesting that the museum equally attracts adults and children, it often brings groups of schoolchildren. The museum consists of three expositions, each with a clear focus. The exhibition hall offers information stands, which are made in a modern manner with the use of lighting.

The most interesting exposition in the museum is a multimedia complex. Here everyone can familiarize with the layout of the city: it was made by Vodokanal's direct order, and the cost of the model is impressive - three million rubles. The film, which lasts only eleven minutes, is accompanied by interesting virtual travels.

Historical exposition of the museum

The history of the water tower was of great importance for St. Petersburg: it at one time allowed the city to receive such the desired European status. The construction of the tower opened the way for water to every house, because until the middle of the 19th century, trucks of water-carriers were traveling around the city. But in October 1858, with the light hand of Alexander II, the Joint Stock Company of St. Petersburg Water Pipes was created. After a while, the same tower was built on Shpalernaya Street, and in another twenty years the city bought out all the waterworks from the shareholders.

The operating mode of the water museum is quite convenient for visitors (from 10 am to 7 pm), it is only necessary to take into account that Monday and Tuesday are days off. Tickets for group visits should be purchased in advance, because then you can discuss the exact time of the beginning and end of the tour.