The vessel in the eye burst - what to do, how to determine the cause and eliminate the hemorrhage?

The functioning of the retina supports the capillary network, it provides an influx of oxygen and nutrients. Sometimes a red or scarlet stain appears on the sclera. The cause of the symptom is the burst of the vessel in the eye. Single cases of hemorrhage are not dangerous, but repeated bursts of capillaries indicate serious health problems.

Vessels in the eyes are blurred

The factors provoking the symptom in question can be external and internal. The first group refers to temporary states that can be easily eliminated. The second option includes severe chronic pathologies that can cause dangerous consequences. Diagnosis is assisted by additional clinical signs described in the following paragraphs.

The vessel in the eye burst - the reasons for the external character:

The vessel in the eye burst and the eye hurts

The described problem is rarely accompanied by discomfort, a person discovers that there is a red spot on the sclera, looking in the mirror. If, after a stroke, injury or other mechanical injury, the vessel in the eye bursts, the pain may spread to the entire damaged area. In other cases, the source of unpleasant sensations is the capillary network itself and nerve fibers located in the retina. Painful hemorrhage in the eye - causes:

The vessel in the eye burst, the head hurts

This clinical picture is due to increased pressure, mainly arterial pressure. The main reason why blood vessels burst in the eyes is hypertensive crisis. The circulatory network includes thin and fragile capillaries. When the pressure of the biological fluid increases, they do not withstand pressure and break. If the background of hypertension burst the vessel in the eye, what to do will tell the cardiologist.

Sometimes the described problem arises from the increase in intracranial pressure. The headache in this case is intense, pressing or pulsing. Another reason is the increase in intraocular pressure. Additional symptoms are identical to hypertension. These are extremely dangerous conditions, which involves mandatory consultation with specialized specialists.

Often burst blood vessels in the eyes

Regular recurrence of hemorrhages in the sclera testifies to the progression of chronic diseases. Vessels in the eyes may be ruptured due to disruption of endocrine, cardiologic, neurological and other systems. Precisely to find out what provokes the pathology in question, a qualified doctor should. From what burst blood vessels in the eyes:

The vessel in the eye burst - the diagnosis

Determination of the causes of the rupture of capillaries begins with an ophthalmologist. Hemorrhage in the eye is diagnosed by the following methods:

It is important to establish exactly why the vessel in the eye burst, what can be done with the capillary damage the doctor can solve only after finding out the causes of the problem. If pathology was caused not by ophthalmic diseases, the doctor will give a referral to the appropriate specialists for continuing the diagnosis:

The vessel in the eye has bursted - than to treat?

Self-help therapy at home is permissible only for single cases of hemorrhage, when it is caused by external, easily removable factors. In other situations, only a doctor will help to eliminate hemorrhage in the eye, treatment of regular ruptured capillaries depends on the causes of vascular damage. To be engaged in therapy of such condition of the house is dangerous, it is fraught with complications and deterioration of visual acuity.

Hemorrhage in the eye - what to do?

In most cases, no special treatment is required, you can just wait 5-10 days until the hematoma resolves. If there are blood vessels in the eyes, and you want to accelerate the recovery, it is desirable to reduce the visual load. It is better to temporarily abandon watching TV, sitting in front of a computer monitor, reading and any other similar activities. It is recommended to wear sunglasses, do not include bright lights in the room and rest more often with closed eyelids.

Additional methods for treating hemorrhage in the eye:

  1. Bury the conjunctival sac with special solutions.
  2. Apply moist cool compresses on the eyelids before going to bed.
  3. Use natural remedies for bruises.
  4. Take vitamins that improve metabolism and strengthen the capillary network.

The vessel in the eye burst - drops

At home it is allowed to use only safe solutions that do not contain any strong components. More effective tools are used only if it is determined why the vessel in the eye has burst, what to do and how to treat the diagnosed condition is assigned by the specialized specialist. Independent therapy is unacceptable and dangerous, can lead to serious complications.

Drops with a bleeding in the eye:

The vessel in the eye burst - folk remedies

The most effective alternative therapies are the application of compresses and lotions. A small vessel burst in the eye, what to do:

  1. Apply a round slice of raw cucumber or potatoes to the eyelids for 10 minutes.
  2. Apply a cotton pad soaked in cold black tea.
  3. Make a compress of fresh cottage cheese wrapped in a gauze napkin.
  4. In the mornings 3-4 seconds wipe the eyelids with an ice cube of pure water or vegetable infusions.

The vessel in the eye burst - herbal treatment

Ingredients :

Preparation, application

  1. Mix dry shredded plants.
  2. Pour raw materials with boiling water.
  3. Insist 20 minutes.
  4. Strain the medicine.
  5. Make a tray for a damaged eye with herbal infusion.
  6. You can brew all the plants separately (50 ml of boiling water for each), use the resulting solutions in turn.

The vessel in the eye burst - vitamins

The intake of useful chemicals and biologically active additives after a hemorrhage will not help it to be eliminated, but will ensure prevention of a repetition of this unpleasant situation. Strengthening of the vessels of the eyes is carried out with the help of vitamins B, E, P, A, F, C and PP. They can be obtained from food, but it's easier to take ready-made complexes: