Symbols of Feng Shui - we make out the house according to the rules

The philosophy of Feng Shui is based on the belief that the fate of a person can be influenced by positive changes in the surrounding energy and internal motivation. The driving force of the Eastern teachings are symbols and talismans, if used correctly, they help achieve harmony and beneficial change.

Symbols on Feng Shui and their meaning

Sacred symbols of feng shui are known all over the world. Someone treats them as decorative elements, someone believes in their powerful energy potential. According to the teachings of feng shui, symbols and talismans can completely change the atmosphere in the house, multiply the prosperity, return love, mutual understanding, protect from adverse influences. Each sign works in its direction and is activated in a certain sector of the apartment. Therefore, you need to carefully select the figures and images, having previously familiarized yourself with the meaning and rules of the arrangement.

Symbol of love by Feng Shui

Love is the meaning of being, the driving force and inexhaustible source of positive energy. Deciphering the characters by Feng Shui assures that to attract love to the house, to preserve peace and harmony in the family, you can use the following talismans:

  1. Mandarin duckling. An inseparable couple of colorful ducks, set in the south-western sector of the apartment, according to Feng Shui, will be the guardian of conjugal fidelity, inseparability and love.
  2. Mandarin tree. With the help of this talisman, you can activate the romantic zone. The tree will restore fervency and youthfulness to relationships, make them passionate and enduring.
  3. Red lanterns. Adherents of philosophy are convinced that it is these symbols of feng shui that are the strongest activators of the zone of love. This talisman is a pair, and its effect is enhanced by red color .

Symbol of health by Feng Shui

A healthy person is a happy person. The presence of vivacity, strength, well-being determines the quality of our life and prioritizes. That is why everyone should take care of their health and the health of their loved ones. The doctrine of Feng Shui does not bypass this component of being side and offers its own methods of influence. Symbols of health and longevity on feng shui is better placed in the east or in the center of the apartment, the most popular and effective among them are:

  1. Fruit trees . Located in the living room or dining room, a peach tree promises strong health and longevity. You can place it not only in the specified sector, but in any room where all the members of the family meet together most often.
  2. The elders . Each of the three star elders "works" for the benefit of the family. Fu-xing - brings happiness and financial stability, Lu-sing - a faithful assistant with problems with conception, Shou-shin - an old man with a peach and a deer in his hands - protects from disease and adversity, is a source of male power.
  3. Pumpkin is a chicken . This talisman will come to the aid of the sick person - pumpkin should be placed above the bed, and after recovery, rinse under running water, wipe and burn nearby candle. For preventive purposes, the talisman is located in the eastern sector.

Symbol of Wealth by Feng Shui

The ancient doctrine is adapted to modern realities, which give the leading place to material prosperity. Feng Shui symbols that attract luck and wealth are:

  1. God of Hotei . Lovely and carefree cheerful - God Hotei brings fun, joy and prosperity to the house. If you believe the legend, Hotei gathers in his bag of adversity and misfortune, and in return gives all kinds of blessings and carefree life. That the talisman worked in a material direction, it is necessary to put a figurine in a southeast part of the house.
  2. Coins . The symbol of money and wealth of feng shui is three coins connected by a red ribbon. To attract financial success, this talisman can be put under the mat in the hallway, in a purse, hang near the computer.
  3. Toad with three legs and a coin in the mouth . One of the most famous talismans of wealth. Moody, but effective amulet, promises its owner good luck and prosperity. The toad is whimsical - it needs to be bathed, put better back to the front door in the south-eastern part. The bedroom, kitchen, bathroom - not suitable place for its dwelling.
  4. The ship . "Floating" into the house a vessel with raised sails and loaded holds is working to attract luck and prosperity.

Symbol of a career in Feng Shui

Promotion and high status in society are important life components of people who are ambitious and purposeful. Symbols of career growth feng shui patronize such individuals, help overcome obstacles and achieve heights:

  1. Ganesha . God of wisdom, the patron of entrepreneurs and businessmen - the statuette is activated in the north-western part, attracts luck, helps to earn credibility.
  2. The eagle . People with a claim to fame and popularity should activate the southern sector. The eagle will cope with this task perfectly. A proud bird floating in the sky protects ambitious people.
  3. The Lion . The statuette will strengthen the authority of the person occupying the leading position and head of the family. You can place the mascot in front of the entrance door or near the window.

The symbol of double luck in feng shui

Often the case decides our destiny, so he should be happy. To become successful in all endeavors, achieve the goals, strengthen relationships and health will help the symbol of luck in Feng Shui - "mystical knot". A sign of infinity, attracting luck and protecting from trouble. This talisman is considered powerful and effective, it can affect all spheres of human life. Depending on the needs, the sign can be placed:

Family symbol of Feng Shui

The family, as the basis, the basic element, is highly venerated in the East. The symbols of feng shui preserve the atmosphere of love and understanding between household members. The most powerful among them are:

  1. Bamboo . According to legend, this tree protects the house from all evil, promotes personal growth, a long and happy life. Bamboo makes intrafamily relations strong and stable. To feel the power of the talisman, you need to place the tree (its image or bamboo sticks) in the eastern sector of the dwelling.
  2. Family photo. A beautiful photo in a wooden frame, on which all members of the family are depicted joyful - the best guard of the family hearth. It needs to be located in the eastern sector.
  3. The doves . The symbols of the marriage of Feng Shui are paired, work perfectly to strengthen the relationship between lovers and spouses, help to preserve love and fidelity. Arrange the image of kissing pigeons better in the bedroom or in the south-western sector.

The symbol of double happiness of feng shui

Eastern philosophy places great importance not only on symbols, but also on words. So, the twice written word "happiness" will be a reliable amulet and talisman for the fulfillment of desires. Double hieroglyph can be hung on the door to the newlyweds - in order to contribute to successful conception, put in a purse - to attract profit, in the northern part of the office or office - for career growth. Feng Shui happiness symbol is well complemented by the image of birds and flowers.

Symbol of well-being by Feng Shui

Material prosperity can not provide complete harmony of intra-family relations, but it is an integral part of it. In order for the world to reign in the house, love and well-being should be better integrated into the corresponding zones. The southeast sector, responsible for wealth and financial success, needs to be formalized in the best traditions:

Symbol of wisdom on Feng Shui

The greatest gift is wisdom, comes with age. But feng shui symbols and talismans transform energy flows, give clues and direct. Full harmony and wisdom is represented by a dragon holding a pearl in its paws. According to legend, this animal gives birth to life with its breath, protects the house from the negative impact of negative energy, wrong decisions and unkind people, it brings success in all endeavors.