Stylish blouses - 52 photos of fashionable images for all occasions

In the wardrobe of every modern fashionista should be given a place for stylish blouses. This clothing is included in the category of basic arsenal and therefore does not go out of fashion. With each season, designers offer more and more interesting novelties and innovate the fashion trends of the past.

Stylish blouses 2018

This year the variety of beautiful women's blouses is just off scale. Recently, stylists have insisted on using such clothes not only in strict bows, but also in everyday city socks , romantic combinations and even out. Fashion designers use a variety of fabrics, which allows you to wear a trendy trend both in the warm season and in the cold. And original ideas of cut will help each girl to find her unique model. Let's see the most popular women's stylish blouses 2018:

  1. Asymmetric . Any uneven lines of the silhouette will always attract attention and will emphasize the uncommon style of the image. In the trend of the model, elongated at the back and shortened from the front, styles with an asymmetrical buckle and decor.
  1. Fitted . Clothing that emphasizes the waistline will make any onion feminine and elegant. In the fashion model of a fitted tailoring and a version with a belt in the set, which is often a contrasting coloring.
  1. Elongated . A fashionable solution is beautiful tunics. This choice can be a separate element in summer bows or as an upper part in combination with a tight and concise bottom.
  1. Shortened . Effectively and attractively look short models, above the waist. This design looks romantic both in a tight, and free silhouette. Stylists suggest complementing a truncated top with trousers or a skirt with a high fit or low waist, which will open the sexy tummy.
  1. Overseas . Styles "not from your shoulder" are presented not only in collections of outerwear and voluminous sweaters, but also beautiful women's blouses. A characteristic feature of such models is a free silhouette and an understated shoulder line, which beautifully accentuates the fragile figure.

Stylish blouses with long sleeves

Traditionally, classic women's clothing is presented in a closed design with a long sleeve. This detail can act and beautiful finish. In fashion, stylish blouses for girls with a spectacular free flashlight, which can result in a wide-fitting cuff or a thin sewn rubber band. Such models look very interesting from light and flowing materials - chiffon, silk, staple and others. If you are looking for an original and unusual option, pay attention to the stylish styles of blouses with a long and wide sleeve "bat."

Stylish blouse with short sleeves

In the hottest time of the year, the open design model is an actual choice. The main feature of such styles is a short sleeve. At the same time, designers offer a very diverse range of finishes. A popular solution was the free sleeveless tank tops. However, if your dress code requires closed shoulders, then you will fit a stylish women's blouse with a short sleeve-T-shirt. The shortened piece is presented and ¾ in length, which is successful in cool weather. A romantic and feminine image will add a beautiful lush flashlight.

Stylish blouses for women

An important role in the fashion design performs color. In the trend, both rich and catchy shades, and gentle pastel colors. At the same time, designers emphasize the popularity of both monochrome solutions, and contrasting two and tri-color combinations. Always prints look attractive and original. Fashionable stylish blouses are presented with floral, geometric, animalistic and beautiful openwork abstractions. Exceptional and effective onions will add and models with an interesting finish. Let's see the most popular solutions:

  1. With embroidery . Beautiful embroidered patterns can be contrasting monophonic or bright and juicy. In the trend, embroidery in the form of flowers and flower compositions, fairy animals and birds, in national style and ornaments.
  1. With open shoulders . Add your appearance to a touch of sexuality. With this task, fashionable styles with open shoulders will perfectly cope. In the trend as a wide section of the neck, that in the toe opens the shoulder area and design with the original cutouts.
  1. Translucent . Another attractive and sexy choice was clothing with translucent effect. Semitransparent fabrics can be plain or complemented with embroidery, applique, abstract print.
  1. With flounces . The fashion trend, which passed from last season, remain models, supplemented by a broad or concise frill. Shuttlecock can decorate the shoulder line, sleeves, the bottom edge of the product or act as a patch on the waist.
  1. To the smell . To emphasize the unconventionality of the image and the uncommon nature of the style will help the odor-clasp alternative to buttons. Such an option is presented with a stitched girdle that forms a beautiful bow or on the hook. The originality of such models is the natural neckline neckline.

Stylish chiffon blouses

One of the most popular products are beautiful flowing fabrics. Depending on the color, chiffon can also give a translucent effect, which adds sexuality to the image. Due to the ease of structure, the shapes of female blouses are not fitting. But this is the highlight of the beautiful clothes. Stylish blouses from chiffon are often complemented by a sleeve-flashlight, both short and long. Fashionable choice is considered and intact products. In this case, cascading frills or small ruffs along the entire length, along the gate zone or along the edge are considered a popular finish.

Stylish silk blouses

This fabulous fabric will provide any image with a touch of elegance, elegance and elegance. The main advantage of silk is a beautiful shine that always looks attractive. However, the most popular models are saturated deep colors - violet, chocolate, dark blue, marsala and others. Stylish summer blouses are made in an open design - with bare shoulders and back, in a short cut, with a short sleeve. Effectively and feminine look elongated elongated products, complete with which often goes the silk belt.

Stylish blouse with an interesting back

A fashionable solution in the design of beautiful feminine clothing is often the original finish of the back. The most popular are models with an open area. In this case, the cutout can have a variety of shapes. In the trend, closed ideas in the form of a circle, an oval or a diamond. Effectively look V-shaped notches, which are often complemented by decorative lacing. Stylish youth blouses can be supplemented with a contrasting or base color transparent insert. An interesting choice is considered models with careless holes, which are more suitable for kezhualnyh bows.

Stylish Lacy Blouses

The most romantic and feminine are products made of beautiful openwork material. In the trend, women are stylish white blouses. This option remains universal for any image. Evening models are presented in black and deep saturated shades. For romantic and everyday bows bright color solutions are more suitable. Women's clothing can be made from lace completely. However, more original and attractive look products with lace decoration - inserts, frills and ruffles. This kind of decor is often a contrasting coloring.

Stylish blouses in the style of a boho

The models in the bohemian style are not only attractive and beautiful clothes, but also comfortable. Such products are presented in a loose, often elongated cut. The main feature is the natural material - cotton, linen, proshva and others. Stylish women's blouses and shirts are often complemented by an ornamental print or edging the edges. Characteristic decoration of styles in the style of Boho is a fitted silhouette with a low waistline, wide sleeves, open neckline, the presence of frills, fringe, lacing.

Stylish blouses with a bow

A feminine complement of beautiful clothes often come out coquettish bows. This kind of decor is presented in the form of an overlay decor, both large and small. Bows can be contrasting or of one color with the product. Another fashionable version is the style with the collar of Ascot. Long ties create in the buttoned clothes a beautiful bow, which can be made more voluminous or laconic with elongated ribbons. The most original are models with a contrasting collar in the form of a bow. In this design, women's stylish knitted blouses are especially relevant.

Stylish blouses for complete

For girls with a figure of plus size, beautiful light clothing is considered a very topical solution in the image, because it perfectly emphasizes femininity and distracts from the shortcomings of the three-dimensional figure. To visually counterbalance the cumbersome parameters, it is worthwhile to dwell on dark monochrome colors. A good choice will be women's stylish blouses for a full fitted silhouette or with highlighted high waistlines. Remove a few centimeters in the abdominal area and narrow the shoulders will help print the vertical strip. A voluminous hip will hide an elongated shape.

Stylish blouses for office

Traditionally feminine blouses belong to the strict style wardrobe. However, in modern fashion, these clothes have acquired a universal character. If you are looking for a purely business option, stop choosing a plain white color. The best solution in this case is a simple cotton shirt with a turndown collar. The originality of this model will be added by the black edging of the shelves and cuffs. Stylish office blouses can be supplemented with basque. If your dress code is not constrained by strict frames, a monochrome color variant is also suitable, but the silhouette should be concise straight.

Stylish images with blouses

Beautiful light sweaters are relevant both in winter and in the warm season. But that the image was harmonious and comfortable, it is important to be able to correctly choose the rest of the clothes. Let's see the most relevant combinations:

  1. Business bow. In this case, a good choice will be a monophonic strict skirt-pencil or classic trousers. Finish the image of closed shoes on the heel - shoes, boats , ballet flats or ankle boots.
  1. Romantic image. For such ensembles, women's summer stylish blouses are especially relevant. A fashionable addition will be a flying skirt, a sun or a pack, shortened tight pants and neat shoes - sandals, ballet flats.
  1. Kezhual style. For city socks, the oversize models, the shortened styles and the variant I will be perfect. The actual choice for the bottom part of the image will be jeans of any style, casual shorts and a short skirt. Completion can be sneakers, sneakers, platform shoes, "tractors".
  1. To the exit. If you are going to a formal celebration, then a classic pencil skirt combined with a loose top with a flounce, lace or open shoulders will be a good solution. An excellent choice will be a wide midi skirt or maxi in an ensemble with a lace or silk blouse.