Stand under the hot crochet

Stands under the hot, crocheted, give the kitchen a special comfort and make the atmosphere warm and relaxed. You can tie it in one evening, it is quite possible even for beginner needlewomen. For work it is better to choose sufficiently dense and strong threads - for example, woolen or cotton. The hook is of medium size, preferably plastic, but it's a matter of habit. Often, a small ring is also fastened to such supports so that it can be conveniently attached to the wall when they are not used.

How to tie the stand under the hotter?

Here is a simple step-by-step master class, how to tie the stand under the hotter. First pick up the threads of two colors. In this case, a decorative cord, braid or soutache is good. It will take about 100 meters of thread. Of these hundred meters, approximately 60 will go to the main color (in our case green), the rest to the finishing. As for the combination of colors, it will be good to look a combination of red with yellow, blue and orange, yellow with green. If you want to tie the stand in one blossom or using two shades, this option will look good, thanks to the original shape and bump. For work it is better to use a large hook, because in this case we will take the threads sufficiently thick. Next, we knit the stand under the hot pattern.

  1. First row: we knit 6 air loops in a circle. The second row: we unfasten 18 columns with a crochet.
  2. Third row: we dial 23 air loops over the first column of the previous row and connect to the same column, then 1 column without the crochet.
  3. There should be 9 such loops.
  4. Then, from the 4th to the 9th row, we tie a string without a crochet, while in the middle of each of these stitches you need to add in each row three columns without a crochet.
  5. It turned out nine "petals". Everyone needs to turn once to the left immediately after the 9th row.
  6. The last stage of work crocheted over the stand under the hotter. We begin to tie the separately attached thread in the following way: in the center of the "petal" the column without a crochet, then seven sticks without a crochet in each column without a cusch of the preceding row, 15 sticks without a crochet in the middle of the next "petal", and finish with 7 sticks without a crochet in the first "petal". Stand under the hot crochet is ready, for convenience, you can also make a ring.