Shortened trousers - to whom are they going, what to wear, how to create fashionable images?

Returning fashion to shortened trousers suggests that the retro confidently leads the world podium. Style 80's taxis, if you want to be in a trend this spring and summer - boldly pick up a couple of such things from any material, be it leather, denim, corduroy, cotton, costume fabric or velvet, and experiment with images.

Short pants 2018

Monochrome and with print black shortened trousers, depending on the style and fabric, - choice for all occasions. Strict classics are a great option for the office, new-fangled culettes, flares and products with ruffles, flounces and stripes from trend materials with designer decor and glitter - a super base for a holiday. Always respectable: leather and suede models, grange and casual look: biker boyfriends and narrower "cigarettes". Popular patterns: a thin and wide strip, a Scottish cage and a crow's foot, peas and floral motifs, embroidery and contrasting inserts on the sides.

What color are the shortened trousers in high demand among ladies watching fashion? At the peak of popularity, not only universal black and white pants, but also things in rich tones of red, green, blue, yellow, brown and khaki. Jeans of all shades of the cat, light gray and coffee products, shortened pastel pants in blue, beige, milky white and pearly tones.

Women's short pants

Trend shortened trousers for women have English length 7/8, 3/4, 1 cm above the back of the shoe, considered office, and capri, and a variety of models can satisfy even very refined tastes. In the course of stylish skirts-trousers, wide and flared things, a narrow and classic cut. Mega hits - retro elephants with lapels under the bottom of the trousers and protectors at the waist, wide trousers on various cuffs and strings.

In addition to one-color solutions, short trousers with a designer d├ęcor are interesting in the form of:

Short classic pants

Consistent in the spirit of the English women's costume, the shortened classic trousers have an even, flat or slightly narrowed cut, sewed from quality monotonous materials or fabrics with traditional geometric colors. These are the best options for creating unique business bows, because the maximum allowable decorations in such pants are arrows, lower lapels and waistband for highlighting the waist. Acceptable colors of office style: gray, white, black, blue and dark brown.

Short classic pants

Wide short trousers

Leading couturiers believe that single-color short wide trousers of direct style will bring the long-awaited variety to everyday life even for those women who have strict dress code at the firm. Sewn from seasonal favorites - velvet and panbarhat, silk and satin, with original ornaments, they will become an excellent basis for evening trouser ensembles. Mods, who prefer complete comfort, are offered "bananas" made of genuine leather and jeans with pleats from the waist. In summer, indispensable loose short pants and printed solutions of linen or cotton.

Wide short trousers

Short pants of culottes

Presented in all the collections of the leading fashion houses, short trousers resembling a skirt, completely free flat or flared downwards - undeniable leaders of the spring-summer season 2018. What is in the trend?

  1. Unusual culottes with a smell and a thin belt that emphasizes the hip line, pants on a tight coquette where the main flare starts from the hip.
  1. Shortened asymmetric trousers, pleated, and classics of the genre from Chanel.
  1. Skirt-trousers with arrows and with a wide rubberized or quilted belt-top, favorably allocating the waist.

Shortened flared trousers

This seasonal mast have - short trousers flared together at once two retro hits: the flare of the 70's and the shortened length of the 80's. Fashion-makers who are accustomed to look like the last squeak will not be mistaken if they pay attention to leather versions of pincers from the hip, trousers with flounces and ruffles, where flared cuts come from the knee, and versatile jeans flare. The novelties from haute couture are stylish capri and culottes in a rich palette, shortened trousers made of glossy dense and thin fabrics, perfectly suited for creating many variations of smart-casual look.

Shortened flared trousers

Shortened trousers with high waist

In place of the trend of the past few years with a low landing came women's short trousers with a high waist, which are visually slender and suitable for any complexion. In flat and narrow models, an overstated landing visually adds growth and slimness, and in wide trousers, flares and culottes, it is able not only to create an accent on the waist, but also to remove the small errors in the physique, hiding the lush hips or the fullness of the legs. Classics with a high fit, both in the cold and in the summer - the optimal and versatile choice for the office with strict rules of appearance.

Shortened trousers with high waist

Short pants with stripes

Modern fashion is distinguished by its democratic character, and short black trousers with contrasting side inserts have long gone beyond the basic things of sport-chic. Straight pants with stripes in the new season will be an excellent element for creating various experimental images of urban chic, and in elegant models leading fashion designers suggested replacing traditional colored inserts with small or medium flounces located both strictly on the sides and forward biased.

Short pants with stripes

Short pants for fat women

Who decided that flared loose and straight truncated pants do not fit the gorgeous beauties? If you skillfully pick up the top, you can get a unique and beautiful image, equally suitable for going out and everyday wear. Stylists advise:

Stylish will be multi-layered "outfits", in which shirts or turtlenecks are combined for volumetric sweaters, half-wolves, jackets, vests and jackets and shortened trousers of both an even classic and flared cut. Fashion experts do not recommend women with chic shapes to wear "elephants" and trousers in combination with a tight top, tucked inside pants.

What to wear short pants?

Answering the question with what to wear short trousers, the style legislators offer a lot of variations from the same type of strict and elegant costumes to ensembles of crochet-tops and short pants. Excellent elements for creating off-season images with short city chic trousers will be turtlenecks and blouses under jackets-coho, pilots and bombers, half-coats and outerwear of auto ladies. They are not far behind versatile jackets, craps and ponchos, sweaters and three-dimensional knitted and knit sweaters.

In winter, warmed shortened trousers are perfectly combined with coats, fur coats, sheepskin coats and short coats, both long, midi and mini. Spring and summer are full of variety, allowing young and slender beauties to bold combinations, for example, trousers, top, and crochet-top, women in adulthood - suits in chic French style, combining beautiful T-shirts and blouses, jackets and summer bombers with kyulotes and klesh.

Images with short trousers

Always gorgeous urban chic: stylish shortened trousers of various styles and harmoniously matched other elements of the whole ensemble. So, to kyulotam and flared models, depending on the composition, fit blouses, T-shirts, tops, dressed in trousers or put on top of them. Sweater flannel, oversize and with a throat on the hips, both with long sleeves, and hit solutions without sleeves. Summer haute couture images: trousers with dresses and blouses with basque.

Future autumn will not be boring, even in gray tones, if you pick up a short coat or a military-style jacket or a double-breasted or single-breasted coat with a turn-down collar up to the middle of the shank to the short classic trousers you like. At the same time, dilute the image with bright and original accessories in the form of a non-trivial bag and a modern scarf. Presentable - everything in the skin, or in one color, interesting multi-layered bows in grunge style and glamor grunge: leather shortened trousers, like a sweater and a scoop or a "pilot".

What kind of shoes to wear short pants?

Regardless of the style and cut, shortened trousers with shoes according to stylists - the best harmonious combinations in the autumn-winter period. Depending on the purpose of the chosen image with such pants, any shoes from sophisticated retro on laces and heels to street timbers and military boots are perfectly combined. Under the leather "cigarettes" and versatile jeans season trends suit: Cossacks, country shoes with a cowboy sock.

Fashionable images with short pants

The democratic character of the leading fashion trends is good because nobody forbids creating their own unique images and experimenting with elements of a common onion. Therefore, safely wear comfortable shoes for you with shortened trousers: heeled shoes, practical oxfordies and slip-ons, sneakers and sneakers, low-heeled sandals or a platform and a wedge, even with socks and high binding on the leg. The only criterion is the overall harmony of the resulting ensemble, where each element emphasizes the attractiveness as much as possible and, on the whole, allows one to look one hundred percent.

Stylish bows with short pants

Who are the shortened trousers?

Stylish short trousers 3/4 are great for slim and tall women of fashion, middle-aged beauties better to look at themselves models of office length 7/8 or chinoses. These solutions are in harmony with high-heeled shoes, comfortable wedge and platform, similar combinations visually slender and lengthen the growth. To low women and girls, according to the stylists, it is worth paying attention to shortened shortened trousers with an inflated waistline, but if you like crochets or flares, you need to find the right accessories, harmonious top and shoes.

Owners of luxury forms of style legislators do not recommend choosing too loose pants and an underestimated waist, and it is better to give preference to a laconic cut with minimal ornaments. Straight and narrowed solutions, trousers on a coquette or a skirt-trousers in combination with a free top, or a business trouser suit is an ideal option for many occasions, both in daily routine, and for evening and holiday "outfits".

Short pants as the basis of the fashion image