Short shorts

Mini shorts are a great way to emphasize the figure. This comfortable clothing has attracted girls for a long time, because short shorts emphasize the length and slenderness of the legs, and at the same time perfectly combined with other types of clothing.

Women short shorts are suitable for urban or romantic style: what kind of result depends on accessories, bag, shoes and, of course, the top (for example, whether it's a T-shirt with a funny inscription or a blouse with light ruffles).

Short shorts: we select clothes according to the type of figure

A successful image does not always depend on the originality of the style or color of the fabric. It is very important that these parameters adorn the figure, emphasizing its merits. Therefore, to choose shorts, you need, first of all, based on your type of figure, and then evaluate whether you like or do not like the thing.

  1. Women's mini shorts. Very short shorts - frank choice of a brave girl who has the opportunity to show her beauty. Of course, such shorts can not be worn at an official event or work, but for a personal occasion it is quite appropriate. First and foremost, mini shorts are suitable for thin girls, and the narrowness or width of the hips is not important. Mini shorts will visually extend the legs, and focus on them, so this part of the body should look perfect.
  2. Short shorts with high waist. A high waist fits girls with wide hips that have a narrow waist, because she is especially accented in this fashion. Putting on such shorts, it is necessary to watch, whether legs do not look very short, because in this variant they are visually shortened. But this problem is easily solved with the help of a high platform or heel.
  3. Short tight shorts. Such shorts have a long length in comparison with the mini, and due to this are universal: they are suitable for any type of figure, and are usually made of denim. Full girls can wear such shorts if they sit down a bit freely.
  4. Short short skirt. Today it is a popular option: shorts resemble a skirt, because they have wide legs. They can be the maxi option when it's really hard to tell whether it's a skirt or shorts. But the trouser leg is also of a truncated type, when the legs are only slightly widening downwards. This style is best to choose girls with a full figure, because the noticeable width of the pants will visually reduce the volume of legs.

With what to wear short shorts?

Short shorts are combined with so many things, and it's probably easier to list what they should not be worn with. However, among the variety of images there are different variants that can be regarded as more or less successful variants.

For example, shorts are an integral part of youth and casual style. The city style is full of comfort and simplicity, and short shorts combine just these two features. To attend the university, you can wear a women's white shirt and shorts, if in a particular institution democratic rules regarding the dress code.

Wearing a stylish business jacket and short skirts, you can freely go to work if their color range is calm or neutral shades without patterns.

When combined shorts with elegant women's blouse , which has a lot of ruches or floral print, you can create a romantic image for evening walks.

The choice of color shorts depends not only on personal preferences, but also on the scale of the entire outfit. For example, the shortest black shorts are the most popular because they build a figure and blend well with other colors. This is the most versatile option, when it comes to fabric, not leather shorts.

Short white shorts are a bright summer choice, which is combined only with light colors and shades: beige, yellow, light green, blue.