Roberto Cavalli

The modern fashion industry is hard to imagine without Roberto Cavalli. This designer, or rather a fashion artist, as he likes to be called, and is now ready to experiment, although he has long surpassed the bar of the skilled master. Designer Roberto Cavalli desperately loves his work, so every day opens up new facets in him, striving for improvement, application of unusual techniques and details.

How did it all begin?

Biography Roberto Cavalli is full of interesting facts about the ups and downs of a talented designer, minutes of joy and disappointment that fell to his lot. His path is now the famous virtuoso of fashion began in Florence, where he was born in the distant 1940. Since childhood, Roberto has learned the rules of sewing, because his father was a tailor. But the true talent the boy inherited from his grandfather - the famous impressionist Giuseppe Rossi. Thus, the Roberto Cavalli family played an important role in determining its further occupation.

And it's not surprising that he received his education at the Academy of Arts, studying fine arts and design there. It was during the student days that Cavalli did several works that were noticed by Italian knitwear factories. After a couple of years, he came up with a unique technology for printing on thin skin, which he later patented, became an ass in the field of scrappy technique and the author of many extraordinary collections. And it all started with a hand-painted T-shirts and selling them to tourists, vacationers on the Cote d'Azur.

Business Card Cavalli

In the world of great fashion, Roberto Cavalli broke into the mid 60-ies of the XX century, presenting the original line of clothing made of leather. From that moment until today, the name of Cavalli, above all, is associated with this material, which in his hands from a rough semi-finished product turns into a soft and refined, suitable for all occasions. Thanks to the outfits of leather, the house of Roberto Cavalli has made himself famous and numerous fans, including Anthony Hopkins, Shakira, David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and others. The designer also succeeded in other directions. Thus, Roberto Cavalli's clothes are always distinguished by an unusual technique of execution, for example, using laser prints, as well as bright colors and original prints. Cavalli was the first to bring the dazzling African and tropical colors to the traditional, sometimes boring fashion industry. To emphasize female sexuality, the designer often decorates his masterpieces with feathers of birds, snake skin or fur skins, sequins or sequins.

Recent trends

As for the last spring-summer collection of the Roberto Cavalli 2013, some changes are visible in it. For example, the number of animal prints decreased significantly, and silk and lace came to the fore with the skin. Basically, the collection is dominated by direct, clear silhouettes, but far from being seductive, frank and provocative. The show was hit by transparent pants, complemented by a black jacket and top, as well as light silk dresses, dressed over rough leather trousers. The restrained black and white color scale of the collection was exquisitely diluted with "precious stones". Unlike clothes, Roberto Cavalli's accessories in the new fashion season have not suffered major changes. Roberto Cavalli's shoes will be saturated with traditional for the designer animal prints, including snake skin. In addition, there will be in it both models with a floral pattern, and monophonic: white and beige. The decorations of Roberto Cavalli in 2013 are massive, heavily decorated with necklaces and chains, the main theme of which is the animal world. In general, collections of accessories are very small - several copies each.