Plasma Lifting Facial

Plasma contains a large number of platelets involved in the regeneration of tissues, activating cell growth. Thanks to the introduction of plasma, the body receives an incentive to launch natural processes of renewal and rejuvenation. Platelet-rich plasma provides the growth of new skin cells from the stem, the formation of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, improves blood circulation and normalizes metabolism in tissues.

Technology of plasmolifting

The methodology consists of several stages. First, a blood sample is taken from the patient's vein (from 20 to 120 ml). This blood in a special centrifuge is divided into three components, one of which is the necessary platelet-rich plasma.

During the procedure of plasma-lifting, plasma is injected into the problem areas of the skin with the help of several injections. This takes about an hour. The course includes 2-4 procedures in 2-3 weeks intervals; The effect of plasmolifting lasts about a year.

Plasma lifting can be carried out on any area of ​​the face, neck, décolletage, hands, abdomen. It is also used to restore hair and improve their growth.

Before the procedure of plasmolifting for 2 to 3 days, you should not take anticoagulants (aspirin, heparin), exclude the use of alcohol and fatty foods.

Laser plasmolifting

Laser plasmolifting combines injection and laser treatment. Immediately after the introduction of plasma to stabilize it, laser treatment is performed. This allows you to extend the effect and achieve more tangible results. Sometimes the stage of laser exposure precedes the introduction of a platelet-rich plasma.

Laser plasmolifting in the area of ​​nasolabial folds, cheeks, forehead and chin replaces contour plastics with fillers.

Indications for face plasmolift:

Thus, with the help of plasmolifting, you can get rid of acne, from fine wrinkles and stretch marks, provide a lifting effect, increase the skin turgor. Also bruises under the eyes are eliminated, the skin of the face after plazmolifting becomes smooth and velvety, its color improves. Changes are noticeable after the first procedure.

It is ideal to conduct plasmolifting in combination with bioreavilitation, mezorollerom or other cosmetology procedures.

Contraindications of plasma-lifting

The procedure can not be carried out in such cases:

Side effects and complications after plazmoliftinga

The method of plasmolifting is considered hypoallergenic and safe, but some unpleasant consequences still exist. This is redness of the skin, puffiness and small bruises after plasmolifting at the injection sites. But all this traces in a few days.

To exclude the risk of infection during the blood sampling procedure, perform plasmolifting only in qualified medical centers where the norms of disinfection and hygiene are strictly observed.