Luxembourg - Transport

Before describing the transport system of Luxembourg, you should first deal with the main question: how to get there. There are several options. Despite the fact that there are no direct flights, you can always use the offers of European airlines and fly with one transfer or use the airports of neighboring countries. For this purpose airports of Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, Cologne and Dusseldorf are suitable. Then you should take the train, in which the trip will take several hours.

There is no direct message, but it's very convenient to get through Liège, with a transfer there. The trip will take about forty hours. But if you do not buy a EuroDomino ticket, then the price of the trip will be somewhat more expensive than air travel. A ticket, purchased for trips to Belgium or Luxembourg, will give an opportunity to get a good discount for a train bound for Luxembourg.

You can also get to Luxembourg by bus, but you will need to make a transfer in Germany, and it will take two days. At the same time, the economy of finance will be almost invisible.

Transport system of the state

Luxembourg's transport system includes regional buses and trains, as well as city buses. There are several train routes from the capital of Luxembourg to the border stations of France, Germany and Belgium. There are also regional buses that take passengers to stations from the country's settlements. In the city there are about twenty-five bus routes, at night their number drops to three. One of them, route number 16, runs to the airport.

Tariffs are the same for all modes of transport, and the ticket for an hour trip costs € 1.2. If you plan a lot of travel, you can buy a block (ten tickets) for € 9.2. A one-day pass for a ticket, which expires at 8.00 am the next morning, will cost € 4.6. Five day tickets will cost you € 18.5.

If you arrived in the city as a tourist, you can buy a ticket for tourists - Luxembourg Card, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy free transport in Luxembourg and visit museums and any attractions . The price of such a ticket for the day is € 9.0. You can buy a ticket for two days (€ 16.0) or three (€ 22.0) and these days do not have to be consistent.

In order to save, you can also purchase a ticket for 5 people (with an adult number of not more than three), but its cost will be twice as much. If you plan a weekend trip to Luxembourg or its neighboring provinces, you can buy a ticket Saar-Lor-Lux-Ticket. Thanks to him you can visit the French Lotharginia and the land of Saarland. This ticket is also more profitable to buy for the group, since the cost for one person is € 17.0, and for each following - only € 8.5.


Lux-Findel Airport, which is about 5-6 kilometers from Luxembourg , is the main metropolitan airport. This is a modern airport that connects the capital with some European cities and the largest airports of neighboring countries. The terminal accepts planes of more than a dozen airlines and in a week more than eight hundred flights are made.

Bus trips to the city are frequent. Bus number 9 is moving along the route that connects the station, the hotel chain and the airport. You can also take buses № 114, 117. If you want, you can get to the airport by car, on four levels there are underground parking lots. By taxi it is also easy to get to the airport.

Railways and trains in Luxembourg

The internal part of the railways unites only the main cities of the country, and it does not belong to the international system. It is convenient for travel in transit, both to Luxembourg and to the Benelux countries.

The network of international railway lines connects Luxembourg with different parts of Europe. There are both ordinary trains and high-speed trains (French TGV or German ICE).

The railway station is very convenient, just ten minutes walk from the center. The railway transport of Luxembourg is represented by modern comfortable trains.

Buses in Luxembourg

The main public transport here are still buses. A short trip costs about € 1.0, and a subscription for a day is approximately € 4.0. And it is valid for all buses and trains (second-class carriages) in the country. The driver can buy a ticket for € 0,9. In many kiosks, as well as bakeries or banks, a ticket consisting of ten tickets, costing € 8.0, is sold. There are a lot of buses and on most lines the interval of their traffic does not exceed ten minutes.

In the capital, on the surface part of the area called Hamilius and in the information center, which belongs to municipal buses, you can buy not only a ticket, but also a travel scheme.

In addition to twenty-five major routes, Luxembourg has special ones created for the convenience of moving around the city. On Fridays, Saturdays in the evening and at night from 21.30 to 3.30 on the routes marked CN1, CN2, CN3, CN4 the City Night Bus is moving. It mainly travels to nightlife lovers: visitors to cafes, restaurants, pubs, cinemas and theaters, as well as discos, and they go for free. Buses run at intervals of 15 minutes.

There is also a free bus City-Shopping Bus, which runs from the Glasy Park to the city center, to Beaumont street. The interval is 10 minutes. Travel time:

During peak hours on those streets where regular lines do not pass, Joker Bus runs.

In the city there is a tourist bus Hop on-Hop off, the departure point of which is Place de la Constitution. From November to March, it runs only on weekends, from 10.30 to 16.30, the interval of movement is 30 minutes. In the remaining months, flights are made daily from 9.40 am, and the interval is 20 minutes. From April to June and from September to October, flights are made until 17.20, and from mid-June until mid-September, buses run until 18.20. The ticket for such a bus is valid for 24 hours, there are audio guides in ten languages.

Taxi service

In Luxembourg, taxis are widely used, which can easily be called up by using the phone or simply stopping when they see on the street. Taxis are also available in the parking lots located near the hotels. Tariffs are calculated as follows: € 1.0 per landing and € 0.65 per kilometer. At night, the cost will be increased by 10%, and on weekends - by 25%.

For the convenience of movement around the country, you can also use the hitchhiking.

Car rental

Luxembourg also offers rental cars, but renting is quite expensive. Be sure to have an international driving license and a credit card. During the lease, the amount of up to three hundred euros is blocked on the card. The minimum length of service for a driver is 1 year. Parking in the city is possible in underground parking lots, which in Luxembourg (the city) a few. How much parking is full, you can find out on the special displays that are installed at the entrances to the center of the capital.

Roads and rules for drivers

Luxembourg has a rather developed network of highways, the traffic there is right-sided. The maximum permissible speed in settlements is from 60 to 134 kilometers per hour, outside the city from 90 to 134, and on motorways the speed varies from 120 to 134 kilometers per hour.

What else is important to know - always use seat belts. And you can only sound a beep when the situation is extreme. Infringements of rules and a traffic mode in the country - the phenomenon rare.

Automobile transport of Luxembourg is represented, basically, by machines of foreign manufacture.