Leather Jackets - Fall 2014

Fashion autumn 2014 was not without leather jackets - the beloved clothes of millions of fashionable women and fashionable people around the world. Among the autumn outerwear leather jackets, no doubt, in the echelon of leaders - along with classic trench coat and cashmere coats. In this article, we'll talk about the fashionable leather jackets of autumn 2014.

Fashionable autumn jackets 2014 - trends

The most autumn colors are dark blue, burgundy, coniferous-green, red and brown shades. And, of course, black. This year, products made of brown leather are still relevant. It is not surprising, because it mustard, caramel and beige shades of leather combine classic elegance and bright style.

Autumn in the middle band is an unpredictable season. There are warm sunny days, and there are winter cold. That's why many women of fashion choose stylish leather jackets with fur trim. This year, the most popular is short and medium-length fur. Its color and texture is completely your personal choice. In the trend, all types and variants of fur: natural and artificial, dyed, sheared.

Models with a shortened bottom or short sleeves will suit those who want to focus on a narrow waist or graceful hands. If you can not boast of an ideal figure , short leather jackets should not be worn with tight clothing. An exception can only be made with models with basque or peplum, which allows you to visually adjust the figure.

How to choose an autumn women's jacket 2014?

Women's leather jackets in autumn 2014 should be not only stylish, but also comfortable.

Before buying, check the quality of the lining and locks. The seams should be even, without gaps or "rips". Locks should open and close smoothly and easily, without pressure.

Do not forget that proper care will significantly prolong the life of the thing. Try not to wet and do not overheat the jacket, clean and lubricate with special agents (or at least glycerin), before you send the item for storage.

If you buy a leather jacket very much, and the budget is limited, choose a classic leather jacket or a bold rocker jacket. These options are never out of fashion and will be relevant even after ten to twenty years. In this case it is desirable that the jacket is really of high quality - this applies not only to the material, but also to the cut, the seams, the accessories. That's why it makes sense to buy one expensive branded jacket and wear it for many years, than each season to replenish the wardrobe with another penny fake. However, if you do not want to buy a ready model, or do not recognize fashion brands, you should not refuse to buy a good thing - order an individual tailoring of a leather jacket from a trusted master.

Choose the style of the jacket should be tailored to the characteristics of its shape. The most universal option is a classic fitted jacket.

Several options for fashionable leather jackets fall-winter 2014 you will find in the gallery.