Lace collar - 28 photos of beautiful collar of lace for every taste

Lace collar gives any subject from the wardrobe of the fair sex unrepeatable charm. Today it can be found on blouses, dresses , all kinds of blouses and even some models of raincoats. Fashion designers especially appreciate this detail for her femininity and the created atmosphere of tenderness.

Collar of lace

To create a charming collar, stylists and designers use all the known types of lace. In modern models of dresses, blouses, shirts and blouses, it can be sewn or invoiced. The latter option is incredibly convenient, because it can be used in an ensemble with different wardrobe items. In addition, removable collars of lace can instantly change the entire image, making it festive and elegant.

Collars - Irish lace

Incredibly elegant collars, Irish lace, are popular all over the world thanks to the amazing fineness and complexity of the original design. They are made exclusively by hand, so they can cost quite cheaply, however, the high price of such products is completely justified - they look truly luxurious and magnificent. A beautiful lace collar, created by Irish technology, in most cases is made using a needle made from the finest yarn - muslin.

More simple and affordable options are created by crocheting from linen, cotton or silk raw materials. Irish masters used different styles in their work, the most popular among them was the creation of a three-dimensional image with patterns of leaves and flowers. This kind of weaving is popular and is still used most often when sewing collars, cuffs and other details of women's clothing.

Collars - bryugge lace

The magnificent Bryug lace, the collar of which looks simply charming, is now at the peak of popularity. This canvas is an imitation of a ribbon lace woven on bobbins. However, it is much easier to make this kind of material - in it the braid-band is crocheted, and thanks to various bends and curls creates a unique pattern. Since crochet is currently very popular, many needlewomen make such items themselves, receiving unique and unique accessories.

Collars - Vologda lace

According to many girls, lace collars from Vologda look too strict and formal. For them, flax is used, bleached or harsh, so they have a somewhat coarse and harsh texture. Nevertheless, lace female collars from this material perfectly complement office dresses and blouses of classical character.

French lace collars

Exquisite French technique allows you to get the most feminine and romantic items. Among all presented by stylists of assortment the French lace collar is distinctly allocated - it looks simply charmingly and rivets to the owner enthusiastic and interested sights. From this part of the clothes, the vintage spirit blows, so the French collars of lace on a dress or blouse fit best in retro style.

Beautiful lace collars

For today, the lace female collar has a huge variety of variations. It can be narrow or wide, raised or lowered, modest and laconic, or luxurious and incredibly rich. A more strict and formal appearance is snow-white models, whereas a black lace collar creates around its owner a more festive and solemn atmosphere. In addition, modern stylists offer similar accessories, made in other colors.

Collar-stand made of lace

A charming lace collar-stand can be high or low. The first option looks incredibly impressive and presentable, however, because of its catchy appearance is suitable only for ceremonial events. As a rule, such a detail is removable, it is placed on evening dresses or elegant blouses, which, among other things, can be put on and out. Lace collar-stand of small height, on the contrary, looks very cute, feminine and romantic. He can complement even a simple blouse, making her flirtatious and charming.

Collar-jabot made of lace

Lace collar-toad meets on women's clothing is not rare. This detail is considered one of the varieties of ties, although in appearance it does not much resemble this accessory. The collar-jabot can have different sizes - some girls prefer a very small frill, located in the area under the chin, while others opt for a luxurious product with a large number of flounces that descend down to the waist line.

In any case, the collar-jabot perfectly emphasizes the brightness and individual style of its owner. In addition, this detail is able to visually enlarge the chest and make the bust area more spectacular and seductive, which for many ladies is an indisputable advantage. Meanwhile, for the same reason, clothes with a jabot collar are not recommended for women with an "inverted triangle" figure - it will attract the attention of others to the upper body and make the disproportion even more noticeable.

Lacy removable collar

For beautiful ladies who like to change their image often, a lace detachable collar made from different types of material is perfect. This accessory can be purchased in a boutique or a shop or made independently, because this does not require special skills or a great experience of needlework. A lace knitted collar created by one's own hands will be an excellent addition to a festive outfit that will not exactly meet another woman.

Dress with lace collar

Although such details and accessories are sewn onto different items of the women's wardrobe, they look particularly exquisitely and delicately on dresses. In such products the beautiful ladies look charming and seductive, and the lace collars for the dress make them even more charming. Depending on the size of this detail, it can be sewn on a festive, office or casual dress - in any case such a thing will look bright and intriguing.

Blouse with lace collar

In the vast majority of cases, charming collars of lace adorn women's blouses. Such products look very nice, feminine and elegant, so beautiful ladies often choose them for creating festive and everyday images. In addition, stylists often use lace trim in other places to give such a finished look.

For example, it looks very interesting blouse with a lace collar and cuffs - double decoration makes it incredibly bright, bright and expressive. Such a product looks great in any color shade and becomes an excellent alternative to an evening gown in combination with classic trousers or a pencil skirt.

Lace collars on sweaters

According to many girls, a lace-up sweater looks somewhat strange. Nevertheless, this little thing is very popular among the fair sex, because in it you can feel like a real woman. Even the simplest everyday image, built on the basis of this wardrobe item, becomes unusually interesting, bright and attractive.

Sweaters are not often decorated with a lace trim in the tone of the main material. On the contrary, this finish looks much more interesting in unusual color combinations. So, for example, a snow-white collar will adorn itself with any thing of bright color - red, emerald green, blue, black and others. A gray sweater will look great with a pink, purple or black accessory.

This item of women's wardrobe can be used in different ways. In everyday wear, it perfectly matches with classic jeans and trousers, comfortable ballet shoes or moccasins on a flat sole. Wearing this little thing complete with a leather pencil skirt and high-heeled boots, you can get a spectacular image for going out or participating in an informal event.