How to choose between two men?

If a woman raises the question of how to choose one of two men of one - then in no one of them is she sure. A young man who needs you, will not make you doubt and consider another candidate. Understand that when you really love - you do not have to choose! Consider this when you make a decision ...

What men choose women?

In all ages, a woman had to think about which man to choose. But earlier it was a little easier, it was helped to make this difficult choice. For example, if there was a question about how to choose a worthy man, then fights were arranged, and the best was the winner. Now, with this it is more difficult - the lady herself must decide with whom to choose from men. But the principle remains the same: nature is that a woman seeks herself the most suitable for the creation of a family. This happens on a subconscious level. She chooses the most healthy and reliable.

How to choose your man?

Honestly answer:

  1. What does your man want?
  2. Can you give it to him?
  3. What does he expect from the relationship?
  4. Do the similarities of his expectations with yours?
  5. What kind of woman does he need?
  6. Do you meet its requirements?
  7. Will you try to educate yourself in this?
  8. Does he respect you?
  9. How do you feel about him?
  10. Does he accept your shortcomings?
  11. Can you put up with those qualities that do not like him?
  12. Will you help him in everything?
  13. Will you be patient with your chosen one?
  14. Are you able to sacrifice something for the sake of this man?
  15. Can you solve complex problems together with him and find a compromise?
  16. Is he able to hear you and your desires?
  17. Are you honest with him?
  18. Will he be the most important man for you?
  19. And the only one?
  20. Is it stable?
  21. Can you work hard to keep surprising and inspiring him?
  22. Always be interesting so that your relationship does not deteriorate?
  23. Is there discretion in it?
  24. Can he make his own decisions?
  25. Can he think of anyone but himself?
  26. Sincerely love someone but yourself?
  27. Would you like to make him happy?
  28. And he you?
  29. Will he do everything for this?
  30. Do you want to generously give him your love?
  31. Is he able to accept it in such quantities?

If you think how to choose the right man, remember - listen only to the heart!