Kitchens made of plastic - stylish and affordable

In the past, all furniture was made exclusively from wood, but it was replaced by facades made of composite materials and polymers. If the first furnishings of wood substitutes were clumsy and frankly budgetary, then modern plastic headsets boast excellent design and quality assembly.

Kitchens from plastic - pros and cons

The advantages and disadvantages of any furniture depend on the technology of assembly work and materials used. Durability, strength, cost and other characteristics of finished products made of acrylic, film or HPL-plastic can vary significantly, which should always be considered when buying.

Advantages of furniture from plastic:

  1. The cheapest furniture has a film coating. It is applied to inexpensive sheets of particleboard or MDF, creating realistic classical facades.
  2. The greatest strength and durability of acrylic film, perfectly simulating a smooth painted surface.
  3. Plastic kitchens from HPL-plastic are resistant to mechanical damage, this coating looks like an array of wood that does not crumble over time and does not burn out in the sun.
  4. Excellent quality, excellent resistance to mechanical damage and water are different products from acrylic.

The main disadvantages of furniture from plastic:

  1. Aluminum edges darken over time, polymer decorative strips are often peeled off.
  2. Between the edges and plastic, dirt accumulates, which is difficult to remove.
  3. Film facades are cheap, but not durable.
  4. Not all types of plastic are suitable for the production of radius furniture.
  5. The cost of quality products made of acrylic is much higher than the price of a standard set of chipboard with a film coating.

Design of kitchen from plastic

In addition to the material of people, always with the purchase of a furniture set, its shape and design features are of interest. For example, to protect the ends, manufacturers use an acrylic or PVC edge, a strong aluminum frame. Depending on this kitchen, plastic simple, angular, radial can acquire a completely different appearance. Facades made of artificial materials easily fit into modern style, but not all kinds of products having a polymer coating are suitable for use in a classical setting.

Modern kitchen from plastic

In any interior the most modern and chic look has glossy furniture with curved and frame facades. Curvilinear forms can effectively fit into the situation of the room, even with a complex layout, captivating the views of a fantastic view. If you want to purchase plastic facades for high-tech kitchen , you should pay attention to the coloring of furniture in the style of "chameleon", capable of changing the miraculously color when changing the intensity of lighting. Flicker, overflow, radiance and other play with light is best manifested in a room where there is a lot of glass, mirrors and gloss.

Classical kitchen from plastic

Fans of the classics need to use objects of the environment exclusively from natural materials or look for them the most realistic alternative. Color furniture and items with radius shapes are not desirable. In this issue will help purchase a kitchen from plastic for a tree without strong gloss and metal inserts. The facades for oak, ash, alder or walnut, monophonic beige or brown heads look incredibly stylish and expensive. For greater realism, it's better to buy kitchens with figured handles painted with brass or bronze.

Kitchens made of plastic

The Art Nouveau style can not be called cheap or simple, it assumes a wide use of natural materials or imitation of objects made of wood. In modern stylization, such furniture is produced without pretentious elements, which they simply adored in the last century (ornate plant patterns, images of lilies, petals, insects). For this interior corner kitchens from plastic, straight sets from MDF under acrylic and PVC film are suitable. They perfectly meet the basic requirements of this style, which appreciates elegance, clarity of form, harmony.

Beautiful kitchen from plastic

Artificial facing materials have always been resistant to aggressive substances, moisture, fungi, ease of care. The main drawback of products covered with polymer compounds was a nondescript and budgetary appearance, but recently this question has also been positively addressed in favor of consumers. Modern high-quality large and small kitchens made of plastic are few inferior in terms of decorative qualities to their expensive competitors, and in many respects they even outperform the furniture made of wood.

Kitchens from plastic in an aluminum frame

If you have an apartment equipped in the style of Art Nouveau or high-tech, then a good option is to purchase a headset with frame facades. The edge of the metal significantly extends the life of the furniture, it looks modern. In a similar frame is often inserted a panel of polymers or glass, which makes the facades of plastic for the kitchen look extremely stylish. The aluminum profile can have a natural metallic color or a colored finish. It is interesting, noble and expensive looks kitchen set with frames of bronze or gilding.

Two-color kitchen from plastic

Monochrome sets, especially dark shades, look stern and solid, but very often there is a desire to revitalize the interior, using bright accents. In this case, a glossy kitchen is made of plastic, the upper and lower parts of which are painted in different colors. Relaxing and harmonious atmosphere is created when designers use adjacent sectors of the color circle (yellow with orange, blue with green). Thoroughly and defiantly look kitchens with facades, painted in shades, far removed from each other on the color wheel (red with green, blue and orange).

Kitchens from plastic

The best way to emphasize the individuality and style is the spectacular photo printing applied to the film or directly to the plastic. It expands or transforms space, provides 100% exclusive, a variety of subjects. The top of the plastic in the kitchen in most cases is made monochrome, wood or stone, and the facades are those elements of the headset, where you can make experiments. The best is the fruity and floral theme, exotic landscapes, abstraction, any pictures that can charge the atmosphere with positive energy.

The use of polymers allows furniture manufacturers to diversify their product range much more, embodying fantastic design ideas and high-tech innovations at minimal cost. An example of this is the kitchens of plastic described in this note, capable of arranging even a finicky buyer with an expressive color range, a variety of designs, an excellent classic or original design.