Kyfta-bozbash is a traditional dish of Azerbaijani cuisine, popular with some other nations in countries experiencing cultural diffusion with Turkic traditions. In fact, kyufta-bozbash is a very hearty soup of a filling type with meatballs (or rather meatballs ) made of lamb and peas. Often inside the meatballs lay an acid plum (cherry plum), which gives them a special taste.

How to cook kufta-bozbash?

First, peas are cooked in bone broth.

Then they prepare a mass for meatballs: low-fat lamb meat and a bulb is passed through a meat grinder, combined with rice, seasoned with spices and salted. From this mass, meatballs are formed in the form of small balls.

Meatballs and chopped potatoes are laid in a pot with almost ready peas, cook until the potatoes are ready, add greens, garlic and some spices.

Kyfta-bozbash in Azerbaijani style - recipe



Peas-chickens soak in boiling water for at least an hour for 3, but preferably at night. Before cooking, thoroughly wash the chickpeas and cook it in the broth almost until cooked.

With the help of a meat grinder, we make medium-ground minced meat with the addition of a bulb and mix it with rinsed rice. Season with spices and salt. We form medium-sized meatballs, inside of each of them we put fruit of fresh or dried sour cherry plums (plums, of course, should be pitted).

We clean the potatoes and cut them in small cubes. We put the potatoes and meatballs into the chickpea brewed in a saucepan. The noise is not forgotten. Cook for about 15 minutes, add saffron and let it brew under the lid of 15 minutes. We pour out the kyufta-bozbash in a serving bowl so that there are several meatballs in each. Sprinkle with finely chopped garlic and herbs, season with black and red hot pepper. You can put in each soup cup on a sheet of fresh mint and a slice of lemon.

It should be noted that the composition of the kufta-bozbash will harmlessly include the red sweet pepper, lay it in soup, cut into short straws about 8 minutes before cooked.

Soup kufta-bozbash is served with sauces and cakes.