Kate Moss did not wear underwear for transparent clothes: a photo

Oh, those famous models! They like to cause increased interest in their precious body, nothing to say. The other day blond British Kate Moss was caught by the paparazzi in West London. Supermodel came to a party organized by the famous stylist Edward Enninfull. The event was held in Sumosan Twiga restaurant. On his porch, the ubiquitous reporters managed to take off a couple of successful photographs of the popular fashion model.

Attack with a trick

What can I say: a 43-year-old beauty used to walk without underwear. Very fond of photographers and fashion designers, when she poses, in what the mother gave birth. Accustomed to the free "style", Kate often in life is in no hurry too much clothes to wear.

At first glance, the eyewitnesses did not notice anything unusual, considering Kate, but as soon as the flash flashed, it immediately became clear that the lady did not have a bra.

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Under the thin knitted top of black, all the intimate charms of Mrs. Moss could be clearly seen.