Guessing on the board of Wingyi

For the first time, the analogue of the Wingji board appeared in ancient Egypt in the temples of the god Set. This device looked like this: a golden ring was hung on a long string above a large round table, on the surface of which hieroglyphs and various magic symbols were cut out.

The modern board appeared already in 1889. Although there was no wide advertising, the boards were simply in great demand, as everyone wanted to communicate with people who were no longer among the living.

What does Wingji witchcraft look like?

The board can not only be bought, but also made independently. As materials use paper, wood, stone, metal. On the board are written all the letters of the alphabet, numbers and 3 words: "yes", "no", "farewell". As a pointer, too, you can use different items. In the purchase options, for example, there is a special arrow, and you can use a saucer, a needle, a mirror and other items. Anyone can get on Wingji's board.

They use a board for conducting spiritualistic sessions . The evoked spirit helps to know the answer to the question posed. The arrow under the influence of otherworldly forces begins to move and point to specific letters, from which the words form.

Guessing on the board of Wingyi

Take the board, put it on the table and next light several candles. It is important that during the ritual you do not interfere, so as not to break communication. Now let's go directly to the fortune-telling on the Wyndzhi Witch Board. Touch the tips of the fingers of both hands to the pointer, concentrate and call the spirit. It can be anyone, deceased relatives, historical figures, etc. To do this, constantly repeat: "Such a spirit, come!". As soon as you feel the presence of otherworldly forces and see the movement of the pointer, you can be sure of the spirit side by side. Before asking a question, ask if he is ready to cooperate with you. When you get an affirmative answer, you can start asking questions. Try first to ask what you can answer or "yes" or "no".